Sunday, May 25, 2008

Madness in the Toilet Stall

We took the world's longest walk yesterday, starting at 18th and the East River and took the esplanade all the way down to the lower tip of Manhattan, did a bit of sitting meditation in front of the Statue of Liberty, then headed up the West side on the Hudson River, passing Battery Park City.

We made another stop at the marina in front of the World Financial Center (where the WTC towers used to be), where we ate dinner as we watched a glorious sunset and then continued up the west side esplanade to the West Village, crossing over at 11th Street and walking across Manhattan to go back home where we started over 5 hours earlier.

Exhausted, but with a clear head, we discovered we'd walked almost 8 miles!

This morning there has been alot more blood and clots as well, madness in the toilet stall!  This happened 3 different times and I was trying to be all zen and not worry, but suddenly I was overwhelmed with the most incredible nausea.  I'd been in the middle of making breakfast and everything was fine, when BAM.  It hit me like a wave.  I grabbed the trash can and collapsed on the couch covered with sweat and chilling.  Ten minutes later...totally fine.

I called my nurse and she has assured me that there's no way it could be an ectopic (good news) but could tell me nothing else.
There are only 2 possibilities:
  • I'm pregnant (yes, please, I'll take one baby, thank you)
  • I'm having my period (never had a period this early, this type AND my temp is still elevated)
Today, we are running errands and laying around in the park...

Tomorrow, I go for a blood pregnancy test at 8am!  
By noon on Monday I will know 100% what is going on!


Carrie said...

good luck tomorrow! ill be checking your blog every hour for the update!

giggleblue said...

chiming in to say i'll be checking back too... gosh, i hope everything is okay!!

insertmetaphor said...

I'm on the edge of my seat! Good luck!!!

Lizzie said...

oh wow. this is great news to come home to!! fingers crossed. (FYI - i've been working in africa recently, but not kenya - so no clue abt your web visits from strange lands) .... ! i'm so hoping this is it for you!!!

giggleblue said...

god, i'm impatient... i'm sending good vibes your way as you should have news sometime really soon!

Anonymous said...

fx that this isn't a very early m/c.......!!