Thursday, May 22, 2008

How Long Can You Stare at the Crotch of Your Panties?

Crotch.  What a word and not a very attractive one, either.  Most words that are ugly in English usually end up sounding great in French, but this one fails me "organ genitale" is roughly what is translates to and I don't find much comfort in this either.
But let's get back to my crotch, shall we?

For the first time, I *think* I'm having symptoms.  Like spotting.  I mean, something is going on and it's not normal...and spotting is the closest description I can provide without completely grossing out my gay, male readers (and yes, I do have a few believe it or not!).  If indeed this is what's happening then it could well be implantation bleeding that I'm seeing a bit of and that would be right on target as it's 9DPO...or AF is rearing her bloody head and bearing down upon me--Really F*cking Early--a week early.

Of course, I'm hoping for the former for obvious reasons and if it's the latter, not only will I feel let down once again by AF's arrival, but also more distraught than ever as it will mean my cycle is incredibly out of whack.

I'm also having a bit of cramping, more yesterday than today....and I can't be sure if it was because my 12 pound cat had just stepped squarely on them or what, but I'm pretty sure my breasts are more tender than normal.

Fatigue has also been present.  I've been in meetings for the last two days and found myself yawning non-stop, really fighting to stay awake.  Now, one one hand, it could just very well be that because I have relatives staying in my house and we are staying up later than usual and I don't sleep as well with could be THE FATIGUE.  
Whatever it is, I left work early yesterday, came home and took a nap.  I never do that.  Never.

As I sat on the toilet last night...pondering this new found symptom, I reached down for my last pregnancy test strip.
I got a package of them for free and have one left...turning it over I found the expiration date, 5/08.
I'm taking that as a good sign!


R said...

Hoping all those sx are all for you to get a BFP!! :)

giggleblue said...

dp has been quite obsessed with panty crotches lately... i'm seeing the expiration date as a sign too!

when are you going to test? we are looking at testing again on sunday (yes, dp just couldn't wait and tested yesterday...not a good idea)

Carrie said...

i love your post! it has so much hope in it. you know....since a lot of these things are different from past cycles, it could very well be some good news.
Ive been staring at my panty crotch the past few days, but it's due to the progesterone suppositories. Need I say more there? haha
Well, hopefully you have good news coming. And since our cycles and everything seem matched, maybe it'll turn into good news for both of us! I'm only 5DPO, so am a bit behind you this month. good luck!

The Mind of a Domestic Goddess said...

You don't know me, but I've stalked your blog for quite sometime and just wanted to say that May just might be the month! We are both on cycle day 9 and wneh I was reading your symptoms, i started thinking that I kinda feel the same way too! I just pee'd on a stick and got a BFP! Yours is on the way!!!!! Everything is crossed for you!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Woo! It sounds so good. I know it's early but I'm still impressed with your will power. I'm pretty sure I would have peed on that test strip anyway. Good luck, good luck, good luck!

Travelher and Pufferfish said...

Thanks for the well wishes everyone!
Everything I've read about implantation bleeding (and trust me, I've read EVERYTHING) says you can test when it's I test tomorrow morning...
I don't know yet....

Justin said...
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