Monday, July 7, 2008

Day 11 and More Crazy Dreams

I’ve been warned by J.K-C of Our Incredible True Adventures that these crazy dreams may keep going on and on and on…

More weird dreams for your entertainment…last night I dreamt I had a spreadsheet of the IVP bloggers. I knew your real names; there was a photo and your age. I could finally keep everyone straightened out in my head. It was fantastic.

A girl called Wendy came through about 5am, destroyed my life and almost caused K bodily harm.
You see K had been seeing Wendy behind my back (ah yes, that would be cheating) and when I found out and woke up it took every bit of sanity to talk myself out of kicking and hitting her. I sat up and pondered where to kick her first. I thought about waking her up and yelling at her and asking her ‘who the hell is Wendy?’ But then I remembered I was dreaming. Even so, I still thought about kicking her and blaming it on a nightmare but by that point I was wide awake and coherent.
It took me a long time to get back to sleep after that.
Wendy was hot.

The Day 11 follie scan went great, one at 10.5 and one at 15. Doc doubts the tenner will make it, but we’ve got high hopes for #15.
Estrogen, 358 and LH, 11.5 for those of you interested in the numbers.
I predict an IUI Thursday. Let’s see if I’m right.
The nurse and Doc were all very amused to hear of my J.Lo dreams.
That got quite the laugh and it’s not always easy to make these people laugh, trust me, I try.
Doctors are Very.Serious.People.

Basically this cycle, I have been chillin’. I’m not thinking about getting pregnant, or analyzing charts or anything related to baby-making other then the bare necessities—like Dr. appointments, eating well, exercising and taking my pre-natals. K and I have not been talking much about it and that’s good by me.

We’ve been thoroughly enjoying ourselves this summer, packing as much into it as possible thinking “this could be the last summer of freedom”. Not that K and I don’t want to have a tiny bambino encroaching on our freedoms, but things will change more than we can even imagine and right now, we are focusing on the positive aspects of being totally free.

We had a rich and varied life before thinking about getting pregnant and I don’t want to get so bogged down in the TTC that it changes all of these things in my life.

So for now, I’m having an awesome summer. And when I get pregnant, I get pregnant. Maybe it will be this month. Maybe not. I don’t know. And for right now, that’s OK.


j.k-c. said...

I always try to make my docs laugh fact I only like docs who have a good sense of humor, my most important characteristic in medical providers. :)
Good for you for not getting too bogged down in TTC, how healthy!

C&H said...

Right have a fantastic attitude! Enjoy your summer, why not? It's happen in it's own time. :)

giggleblue said...

my doctor doesn't laugh a lot either - far too serious i think.

i did have surgery one time, and when i came to, i was asking her a whole lot of questions about what kinda car she drove. i think she cracked a smile then, but more than likely to make me feel better about myself.

grow little folli, grow!! oh, and dp gets mad at me after her little crazy dreams too... it's not nice to do that, especially when people don't know what the hell you are talking about at 3am!

liberationtheory said...

travelher, we are so >-----here------<. one time i had a dream that the wife cheated on me and i was mad FOR DAYS. i knew it was a dream, but i was still mad. *getting mad just thinking about that biznatch*

and we're twins again. my insemination should be around friday.

insertmetaphor said...

I want a spreadsheet! Too bad that's not real. I don't need names but I have a hard time remembering everyone's stories too. I've got about 15-20 down pat but the rest are a little hazy.

Tui said...

lol sorry the dreams are making you mad (well this one in particular) but they're sure as hell entertaining everyone else!

Sounds like you've got a good balance going on, it's hard sometimes but I agree - very important to try to be as 'normal' as possible and focus on and enjoy things outside of ttc. Of course - easily said than done sometimes ;)

Plus - I'm rooting for this month!

babypants said...

Your dreams are too funny. I have had that experiance before where you wake up mad about something that was entirely a dream. It can sometimes take me a while to remember a) why I am mad and b) that it was in a dream. Go 15mm follie!!!

timaree said...

I've had those dreams where J cheated on me, and she's had them too. I wake up so angry, and it's hard to shake!

It sounds like you have just the right focus for your summer--and some good balance to boot! We're trying to do the same this summer by packing in as much fun and revelry as we can. Enjoy!