Wednesday, July 9, 2008

This is the Day That Makes Me CRAZY

So I went in yesterday and one follicle was 18.5, the other 13.5.  They like to see at least an 18 before giving the trigger shot.
I got the trigger shot about 9am.
Last night at 11:30pm, I felt ovulatory pains very, very strong ones.

Now, from what I know:  a trigger shot induces ovulation between 12-24 hours (some say 36?) and you should have the IUI between 24-36 hours afterwards.
What a minute, after what??  After the trigger or after I ovulate/feel ovulation?

But what if I ovulated at 14 hours past trigger?  Which is what it felt like...
Once the egg is released it's viable for about 24 hours and frozen sperm live 6-12 hours, so an 11am IUI would be good timing because it's within the 24 hours after ovulation, yes?
Or it would be bad because you want the sperm sitting there ready to pounce WHEN you ovulate?
See, I should know all of this.  Really, I should.  I do, I just forget.  I get confused.  I second-guess everything and I feel so stupid after 5 tries and how many months of prep to still be asking basic questions.

I've got a call in to my RE and nurse this morning already, but they are so crazy in the a.m. no one has called me back.

This day is the one that makes me crazy.  The second-guessing and crap shoot timing of it all.
This is the day, every month, that I wonder how anyone ever gets pregnant. 

****Edited to add:  Nurse called.  Basically told me according to my blood yesterday there is no way I've already ovulated.  Please remember I took hormones this month and quit freaking out.  Hee Hee.****
So....I've got 45 minutes to walk myself up to the spermification palace.  See ya.


NotesFrom2Moms said...

i continue to wonder how anyone (RE aided, doc assisted, at home, or with a live human) every gets pregnant. Its a miracle we have a population problem. holding out hope for your insem today... ps. my RE insisted that the frozen sperm lived up to 24 hours... but who knows.

vee said...

Oh, this craziness, it never goes, does it. When you pass more power to the doctors, you find yourself STILL burdened with the worry, the what ifs. I used to draw little overlapping charts with the maximums and minimums of each factor mapped against the others to see if the timing looked good.

At least once it's done, you can worry about the next bit - whether it worked or not. I hope it does.

giggleblue said...

you should be good with the timing, because you felt the ovulation pains and everything. and the eggy lives for 24 hours. fingers crossed for your insemination!

oh, and don't forget to pick yourself up a pineapple!!

babypants said...

I think your timing sounds perfect - Although I do what you are doing with all the time calculations too. Good luck with the spermification. xo.

1invermillion said...

I totally do the time thing too, and I'm going on charting, OPK'S and O pain. Just now I'm back from my IUI and I think it was too late. The wife and I have agreed that if this month is a no we will lie about my OPK's to the RE so I can get an IUI done the day of my surge, not the day after. To be honest, this part of the process is far more crazy making for me than the 2WW.

Rachel said...

Oh, keeping my fingers crossed! I definitely felt ovulation pain, but I thought that's when the egg is ready and you try to time the sperm to be nearby both before and after the ovulation pains (but then, as boring-ol' heterosexuals we were just thrilled to be finally cleared for sex after 'saving up the goods' for at least 3 days prior to the trigger shot). Wishing you and the frozen sperm all the best today.

liberationtheory said...

this may very well be a good thing!! last month the wife and i just knew we inseminated her too late but we were like "oh well" b/c the sperm was here. lo and behold, a positive!

i am rooting for you and will keep you in my prayers and best intentions.

off to meditate now :)

Tui said...

'This day is the one that makes me crazy. The second-guessing and crap shoot timing of it all.
This is the day, every month, that I wonder how anyone ever gets pregnant.'

Oh I am so with you on this! lol we're doing an IUI in about 4 hours and I totally am in the same space - am on my way out the door to work so more later but good luck!

insertmetaphor said...

All that second guessing is the worst. It's hard to have faith in anything when this whole process is so unscientific. I'm glad you got a call back though.

emily said...

It makes me crazy as well. Just when I think I have it figured out it all seems wrong and I am unsure again. I am crossing my fingers for you.

eggdance said...

This stuff makes me crazy too. Last month I ddi some resaerch and found that the mean time of ovulation after HCG shot was 41 hours. I have always heard that the trigger causes ovulation between 36-48 hours later. I have made plenty of charts about all of this and I too cannot understand how ANYONE EVER gets pregnant (even though I did).