Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Have a Confession to Make

I didn't go take the test this morning. I took my temp and it had fallen, same pattern as last month when, yes, let's just say it: I was not pregnant.
It's better this way anyway. It would've been really hard to not say anything to her for 2 days and this way I don't have to worry about that.

When I took the trip to Boston I had to skip my progesterone Monday night since I couldn't figure out on the fly how it would make it up there without melting. I figured it would not hurt my body to miss one little pill popper this late in the cycle. However, it probably triggered my body to think it could go back to its regular programming...and then my temp dropped.
As an added bonus I had a slight headache today. The special kind of headache I only get right before my period.
So....let's just say I'd be totally surprised if I was pregnant.

I thought about stopping the suppositories tonight and just letting nature take its course. I'm sure I'd bleed within 48 hours. BUT. K says go take the test. So tomorrow, bright and early, I'll be giving blood again.

Actually, I have another confession to make. I've never bought a pregnancy test. I steal them.
Just KIDDING!!! When I started this process, a women in a TTC group I was attending gave me a bag with 3 tests and I used those for March, April and May. Then I ran out. And...well, I said I was frugal, didn't I?
It seemed silly to buy them when I could either just wait to bleed or go take a test at the clinic that would be 100% conclusive.
I've been waiting on one thing or another pretty much my whole life.
I guess I'm pretty good at waiting.


Strawberry said...

Sigh, I'm sorry your temp fell. :( I prefer to see a negative test to help give me closure, but they still suck.

wishinghopingpraying said...

I am so sorry about your temp. I am still hoping you end up with a nice surprise.

tbean said...

Sorry hon. This just sucks.

Lizzie said...

I'm hoping you are wrong & your period is NOT on its way.

mulberry said...

sorry sweetie... i think K is right. take the suppository and the test tomorrow... sometimes you just have to follow protocol so as to not go nuts second guessing the best thing to do. it is great that you are pretty good at waiting - seeing as how it is about 400% of what we do in this TTC chaos. i am going to try and emulate your good waiting skills. sending you hugs and wishing friday here soon so K is home.

Carrie said...

girrrrrrl, we seriously ARE on the same cycle every month! i can't believe it. I'm on 12DPO, and go in on Friday for my bloodwork. Earlier today I posted today's symptoms...which include my usual pre-AF headache. It's a special kind of headache, just like you mentioned.

hugs to both of us!!

eggdance said...

I think we all have our own strange little ttc rituals/quirks-- I try to avoid the clinic blood test at all costs (although now that my insurance has kicked in I actually have to go). I just always find it less depressing (although still greatly depressing) to get my period.

And next time you are in Boston, you will have to let me know so we can meet up (now that you know I am not a comment bitch)!