Saturday, July 12, 2008

Is This a Good Idea?

I'm all better now, thank you very much for your concern and the virtual hugs.  I ended up meeting a 4 1/2 month pregnant (lesbian, IVF) friend for lunch in the park and she gave me a great hug.  Later I had my usual 30 lbs of cats on me when I got into bed.  Those are cat hugs every single night and I love them!

So, we need a vacation.

Here's the situation:  We're going on vacation in early September, we have 18 days.  We don't know if I'll be pregnant or not.  It's either a snorkeling/seltzer "babymoon" or a pre-IVF blow out holiday complete w/ scuba diving and cocktails on the beach.
The most I could be pregnant is 2 months, or I could only be 1 month.  Or I might not be pregnant at all.
We're looking at a certain island that is halfway around the world and requires a 24+ hour plane ride.  

I could have really bad 1st trimester sickness.  Or not.
I figure all I have to do is make it through the plane ride and I've done this trip 6 times, so I know what I'm in for.  Once I'm there if I'm sick I can lay on the beach or lay at the pool.  How hard could it be?

Is this a bad idea?  Should we go somewhere closer?


C&H said...

Go for it! If you're pregnant, you're pregnant. If you're not, you're not. I would plan for it and just enjoy yourself however you can once you know. Besides, after all the TTC & TWW nightmares we go through, who doesn't need a vacation?!? And, well, wherever you are sounds fabulous!

Maybe I just need a vacation. :)


Rachel said...

Definitely go for the trip. I flew almost every week of my first trimester and I'm so glad I got all that work/play in early. And if you don't happen to be pregnant, well, then you get to stock up on drinks for when you can't drink in the future, so that'll be good.

ps - But do tell us the island. I'm most intrigued.

Malea said...

Go for it and just be mindful to not over exert if you are pregnant.And maybe not try any new foods that might cause food poisoning.

queerstork said...

Well you know I'm going to tell you it's a good idea! Are you heading to an island off the coast of Thailand by any chance?? *green with envy*

mulberry said...

go go go go go! live your life fully and love it. that is what helps you be in a place to be a great mom when your kid decides to show up! and we need you to vacation for those of us who don't have 18 days of vacation - jealous!!! i thought *i* had a good job!

K said...

Book it!

We threw a huge party last night and as we were doing the last minute scramble to get the house ready, we talked about the fact that if we'd known I was going to be pregnant this weekend and feeling like crap already, we would NOT have planned such an ambitious event, but we did and we got through it. More importantly, even though yesterday was a bit rough, we were patting ourselves on the back all day for having moved forward and made plans as if we weren't going to get pregnant, even in the midst of an IVF cycle. It took us a long time to get to that point. We put so many things on hold in deference to the unknowns of ttc to the point where we had no LIFE left in our life - just one of the many cruelties of the process. So, this is a long-winded explanation of why I say GO FOR IT! The "worst case scenario" (ha ha!) is that you are pregnant and you suffer through a miserable plane trip then nurse yourself back to health on a beautiful beach. Oh darn, right?

babypants said...

I say go. I would not want you to regret not going and I hope you are pregnant for that flight and that downing seltzer your whole vacation. It was really great to meet you and K yesterday, we will have to do it again soon. xo. L.

Lizzie said...

Definitely go. I'm a traveler too, and have lived overseas, and value it so much. (Like you obviously do.) Definitely go! If you're pregnant, you'll take it easy. If you're not, you won't have curtailed your plans. Yay for faraway islands.

tiff said...

GO for it!!!! Just found your blog and am wishing you success!!!!!!

evangeline said...

well, i guess since everyone else is saying GO!, then GO! :)

i, myself, am a little too neurotic to give it my OF COURSE YOU SHOULD! speech! but, if i weren't so neurotic, i'd go. so you should, too hahaha. make sense?

giggleblue said...

i'm jumping on the bandwagon a little late and saying go for it! given the fact that you have been on the trip 6 times already, it will be fine!! you know exactly what to expect.

besides, if you are pregnant, you will be happy that you are getting some time away before the baby comes! it's going to be some time before you can make a trip like that with a new baby in tote.

i'm not going to even entertain the "not pregnant" because i'm cool like that!

j.k-c. said...

Go for it!!!
Absolutely! We can't plan every aspect of our lives around TTC. Live YOUR life and plan what you want to do. It will all work out. And if you ever traveled with a hangover, that's what it would be like with morning sickness...not great, but you can get through it. You never know....maybe you are waiting for an embryo that likes exotic vacations. :)