Monday, January 12, 2009

Prepared and Getting Excited

It was a full moon. That must have been the issue. I always get a little crazy with a full moon.
The cold feet syndrome has left the building.

We had such a wonderful weekend consisting of: K's fabulous home cooked meals, brunch with friends, a small dinner party Saturday night, brunch with a TTC NYC/NJ group, yoga, bath bombs, watching an incredible documentary on Darfur "The Devil Came on Horseback" which combined with Boomba's photos, made K start researching adoption.

Looking at my IVF calendar, I realized there's a whole lot coming up so I should start cracking.
The List
  • Pap is scheduled for this Wednesday.
  • Called CCB to see if donor came in Jan. 12 as scheduled. He did not. However, he had vials CCB bought back (which means someone probably got pregnant!) so I was able to buy 2 more vials bringing our grand total to 4. CCB remarked, "You're lucky. He is very popular." I cannot express how much I want This Man's baby. There will not be another donor. I even begged the rep to just give me his address and I'd take care of business myself! Hee.
  • Shipped out 2 vials for upcoming IVF cycle. They only need one but if something goes wrong they need a backup.
  • Called RE to see if he needed to do a repeat HSG test. Everything is OK and has been OK with me, so he does not. Yippee!
  • Called RE to see if he needs to do a trial transfer test. He already checked this out with last year's HSG and since there's never been any problems with my IUI's, I am good to go.
  • Called in RX for estrogen patches--picking them up tonight.
  • Checked to make sure I have antagon to start cycle. This was donated, so I have enough for now.
  • Checked to make sure I have enough Follistim/Gonal F. I had more donated to me this weekend, so I think I have enough, but I might need 450 iu more.
  • I have medrol
  • I have doxycycline
  • I have two boxes of donated Progesterone in Oil 50 mg.
  • Need to buy....hopefully a boxload of PIO.
  • Need to buy five more vials of antagon after I start stimming. Insurance coverage?
  • Need to buy 10 vials of Menopur. Not certain insurance will cover. Urgh.
Daily Vitamin Check
  • 1 glass of powdered wheatgrass mixed with blueberry/pomegranite juice
  • 1 prenatal
  • 1 B6
  • 1 L'arginine
  • 1 baby aspirin
  • 1 calcium/mag/zinc combo
  • 2 T wheatgerm
  • 2 T flaxseed meal
Now that I've written that all out...I feel ready and dare I say...excited. I have to stop being so hard on myself and wanting everything to be just perfect because that isn't going to happen.
Thank you
Poppy for making me laugh and bringing me back to reality! I needed that!

We'll do this IVF and then we
may do another. And if that doesn't get a baby then we'll go with K's eggs and my ute. By this point...our 4 vials will be gone and we will be looking for someone else's baby to make our own. That's the plan...


tbean said...

Glad you are feeling good again about the next steps. I'm getting very excited for you!

anofferingoflove said...

that's quite a list! looks like you've made excellent progress on the to-do's!

i'm excited for your upcoming IVF, good things are coming :)

cindyhoo2 said...

I love it! A list really does make everything feel better. I have also added a calendar in the kitchen with all my appointments and dates written out. Each step really is manageable by itself-- just seems too overwhelming when viewed in its whole form.

eeney meeney miney mommy said...

Wow, that is a LONG list. Go get it girl! Try to stay focused and positive. Congrats, you are on your way.

PS - Glad I could be of assistance ;)

Heidi said...

You are getting me all excited for you!!!!!!!

Keely said...

I am in awe of your organizational skills (and willingness to swallow pill!)
Good lord, this just makes me realize that it is key to have ONE major project at a time. Your list is scarily similar to my reno list is style if not substance.
Good luck be with you!

Jackie said...

I'm so glad to see you fired up and excited. Your plan looks solid. Babytown or bust!

Jen said...

Wow- its seems like you have eveything under control and ready to rock and roll! Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I am a friend of a friend of yours.....(S w/ the two boys in MI) and have been lurking awhile. I have 750 units of Gonal F leftover. I work in Chelsea--if you want to come by and pick it up you are welcome to it.

Anonymous said...
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word to your mother(s) said...

As always, I'm so excited for you and wishing you peace and happiness.

Don't forget that mercury is retrograde as of the 11th as well! LOL...

queerstork said...

I'm overwhelmed by your to-do list and the thought that I will have to go through all of that. I simply don't know enough about this IVF stuff to proceed.

I've kind of been spoon-fed the IUI stuff and didn't have to do too much in terms of a checklist.

Anyway, enough about me - let's talk about you! In terms of adoption, it's always fun to take a look at that. We looked at international adoption, I don't think we could get away with it since we have the federal record of marriage that some foreign country could find, but my dad said that out of a group of five women adopting in Kazakh.stan, he suspects three were lesbians because they were "single" and ... not really single. Domestic adoption scared me but I warmed up to it after reading Dan Savage's The Kid.

Anyway, sounds like you had a great weekend and enjoy exploring all the ways you can become a family.

Of course, fingers xed that this IVF round is IT!