Thursday, January 15, 2009


I've had 200 posts?  In one year?  Damn, I blog a lot.

So my progesterone is A-OK, the results say I've ovulated.  Thank you body for being good.  However, I had my pap done and I'm spotting--that is I started lightly spotting on Day 19 and am still spotting on Day 21.  My acupuncturist doesn't have a clue why and neither does my RE.  Nice.  Thank you body for always throwing me that curve ball.

Regardless, I was cleared for take off concerning the estrogen patches.  Following the directions, I carefully applied the patch.  Wow, you can barely even see it?!

However, after getting dressed, I realized my patch was not in a good place at all.  It specifically says to not apply near your waistband so that your clothes don't rub against it...but I don't wear pants around my waist.  Low rise pants and jeans are built for my kind of body.  So that carefully applied patch...yes, right at my waistband.  

Must remember to put on pants next time and THEN apply patch.
Oh well, the pants aren't tight, so there wasn't much rubbing going on, but it has slid a bit.  I keep this on until Saturday morning and then I put on a new one--a little bit higher!

Tomorrow night I start the antagon shots.  Let the needlefest begin!

After writing out my IVF list Monday, I had 3 offers of drugs within a 24 hour period.  That, combined with the freebies I received this weekend covers me completely for Follistim/Gonal F.  I don't know if these ladies want it publicly announced, but K, J, E and L---THANK YOU.
Once again, I've spent the last 2 days doing drug deals.  It's a crazy life.

I still need more Antagon/Ganerellix and Menopur which I mentioned to the nurse yesterday at the RE clinic.  She's going to see what she can do as they regularly have clients who donate their meds back once they are finished with a cycle.  Fingers crossed...

Today is a very special anniversary of sorts for K and I....let's just say it was a life changing day two years ago and if that day had never wouldn't be reading this blog right now.
So to celebrate we're going out to dinner here, followed by going to this, which is our friend's band. 
The band isn't going on til 10:30...which probably means I feel old.  I am going to be SO tired tomorrow! 

Thanks for all of your comments about the insurance crap.  It is what it is...but I'm still working on it.  More later.


Carrie said...

sending you so much good luck right now!

Gia said...

woohoooo IVF here you come!!!

Jen said...

Good luck, and hopefully I will be following in your foot steps in a month!!!

tui said...

Wow 200 already - and here I am about to write my 100th in the same time lol

Hope you have/had a great celebration night!

Mommy and Mamita said...

I'm glad to see you are getting started on your IVF cycle. That is so exciting. That is really great that your clinic will facilitate med exchange - my clinic does not do that. Good luck with the cycle. I hope everything goes smoothly and the the new protocol is the one that brings you your long overdue success.

Heidi said...

Yeah for getting the patches started!!!!

Yeah for 200posts!! Amazing!

And yeah for people being so generous with their extra meds! What a blessing :)

Keely said...

First, sending all my positive energy toward you & your IVF cycle...
Second, those holiday indulgences don't seem to have had a negative impact on you ;-)
Finally-- it's a two-pairs-of-pants day if you ask me! Bundle up!!

anofferingoflove said...

yay for the needlefest!! i'm excited for you ivf cycle to get underway!

and happy anniversary, of whatever sorts, to you and K! ;-)