Friday, January 23, 2009

Craptastic Week of the Sinking Puffer

Well, let's see what can happen in one week:
  • I'm 10K less in insurance
  • All my pants are too tight
  • I've had the shortest period ever
  • Followed by my period making periodic (no pun intended) appearances
  • I have a box of drugs sitting on my floor that I won't be using
  • My IVF cycle was canceled
  • The $3,000 in sperm we submitted to our flex spending account was accepted...before they rejected it. Which means we may have just lost three grand.
  • I lost my one-of-a-kind ring and I know someone in D.itmas P.ark is wearing it and I'm pissed
  • Due to a re-org, I'm moving cubicles at work to the worst space in the entire office where I might as well write a sign in Chinese and Spanish announcing that I am not the receptionist and I'm not delivering any food.
  • I was punched in the head by a bitter teenage mother wielding a baby stroller as a WMD during rush hour when I accidentally bumped her stroller while she BLOCKED THE DOOR.
  • My insurance company is sending me in circles over whether or not donor egg is covered. Yes. No. Yes. No. Yes, but you pay out of pocket and then we decide if we'll reimburse and how much...for 20K out of pocket I want a better answer than that.
  • It's been nothing but cold and on the one day we had 'warmish' weather, I neglected to move from my desk to the outside.
I think that's all the suckage I can take in one week's time.

But hey, we have a new President! No more Southern accents in the White House!
Woot Woot.

Good News is that I'm running! My goal is to stay as healthy as possible during this forced break and get my abs back before I go stick some more needles in them.
K is taking me here tonight for a belated Christmas dinner with her brother. Lobster. Yum.
I have a baby shower tomorrow night for 2 gay guy friends who are having twins and I couldn't be more Thrilled for them!!! We'll go out dancing with the ladies afterwards and hopefully it will be a better experience than the last time I was in a lesbian bar. I really don't like this club at all, but since this place has mysteriously closed, we don't have many options.
My BFF from uni is in town all weekend and I am really looking forward to spending time with her. She cracks me up non-stop and right now I need crack.

Puffer is treading water but Puffer starts to swim.


N said...

Ugh. What an utterly craptastic week. I bet you can float, though. *hugs*

journeytowardsourbaby said...

Geez that sucks! But treading water is definitely better than sinking so yay for that. Hope you have a great weekend - sounds like it should be :)

queerstork said...

Reach for it as I toss you a dinghy!

Your week was superbly craptastic. There's no way next week can be as bad. And I don't believe in jinxing - which is why I can say that.

Bring on February!

anofferingoflove said...

did the teenage mother really punch you?!?

sounds like a rough week, good to hear you have a relaxing weekend planned.

2girlsandtheirfamily said...

It's true - you're week has truly SUCKED! But on the upside, next week HAS to be better and let it start with an awesome weekend with your Christmas dinner and BFF time.

Good luck with the insurance companies - we've wasted more hours on the phone with them then we'd like to count.


eeney meeney miney mommy said...

Wow... sucked to be you this week. I agree with Queerstork, there's nowhere to go but up! Somehow, someway, this will all turn out okay but in the meantime, I'm sorry I'm sorry for all the crap.

I hope you have a great time out this weekend. I miss the girl scene in NY, so much eye candy!

Rachel said...

What a week - next week -must- be better.

tireegal68 said...

HI - I just found your blog on Queerstork's blogroll. I too just had my IVF cycle cancelled due to poor response to the meds - high doses - not sure if they are the highest though. What were yours?
that is craptastic - I hope next week is better. I think that TTC should be just called "wait, eat and feel like crap".
That's great you are loving working out and running.
Take care and I am glad I found you and your blog.

insertmetaphor said...

Wow - that week sucked! That must mean next week will be awesome. I'm a little blown away by the teenage mother...she punched you?? How can this be?

Jen said...

That is quite a week! I am sorry to hear that your sperm was rejected by flex...I was hoping I would be able to follow your lead on that! But, it sounds like you have a good weekend and hopefully next week will turn around!?!?

Carrie said...

F*ck girl. that's one shitty week. I think you get the gold medal! I hope next week is better for you!!! and we both need hugs today, so **BIG HUGS**


tbean said...

Don't sink puffer. We'll hang out in a life preserver next to you! hugs

K said...

That is an unbelievably awful week. Kudos to you for keeping your head above water. I hope the gatherings and your friend's visit were just what you needed to turn things back in the right direction.

cindyhoo2 said...

OKay, last week was utterly craptastic. In fact, you deserve an award for dealing with all that without the help of serious pharmacology!

It's Monday now.... is it better yet?

Mommy and Mamita said...

Sorry you had such a bad week. I never had any trouble from UHC getting FLEX reimbursement for the purchase of donor sperm, including claims from 2008. Flex spending isn't like fertility coverage -- it should be pretty consistent across all UHC policies. You should appeal the claim rejection.

Lizzie said...

Big hugs to get through the craptastic. Thinking of you. So sorry for the years of waiting (me too) and the IVF hopes and not being able to really get it going. And for the freakin' reduction in insurance coverage. And everything. Big hugs and lots of love.