Friday, April 18, 2008

120 Lbs. of Kitty Litter

So, what do you do the morning of your IUI and the last chance at some heavy lifting?
Stock up on kitty litter!  If you live in New York City and you don't have a car, that might look something like this:

Those of you with cars, do you know what kind of looks people give you rolling a granny cart down the street full of kitty litter?  They look at you with judgement and as if you are possibly that crazy cat lady.  This cart weighs more than ME.  The 13 blocks there is easy--it's empty.  But coming back 13 blocks navigating people, dogs, dog crap, kids, stroller, uneven pavement, curbs--it's hard.  How hard?  Well, I sent K to do it by herself once and instead of carefully navigating the course back, she decided to get a running start and 'jump' the curb.  Not smart.  She broke the cart, hurt herself and got a lot of stares.  When I get pregnant she'll be left to this task again and out on the streets--watch out!!!

We are crazy about the cats.  We have three now but had four up until a few years ago.
This is Boo Boo Bunny aka Bunny aka Buns aka Bun Bun.  I adopted him from the SPCA in Dallas, Texas.  He has traveled with me through five states and 12 apartments.
He is 16 years old and was the love of my life before K came along.  Some days he still is:)
He has his own pillow on the bed and curls up in my armpit every night to fall asleep.  Bunny has a meow only a mother could love.

Here is Savina, aka Savvy, Weena, Weena Wumps, Wumpus and Wumpa, and Wumpalotapuss, also 16 years old.  I adopted her 6 months after I got BooBoo because he used to give me the most pathetic looks as I left the house every morning.  I mistakenly thought he was lonely and brought him home a friend.  He was not lonely--at least not for another feline friend--only lonely for me.  They pretty much hate each other to this day, though in their old age there is less hissing and growling than there used to be.  She purrs like a Harley and because her preferred sleep slot is on your head (taking up most of the pillow) it forces us to wear ear plugs every night. 
Cadeau (Ka-Dough) du Tigre, it means gift of the Tiger in French.  He is also affectionately called Monster most days.  I found him while we were living in Jersey City.  One day standing in my living room 4 floors up I heard 'kitten in distress' and like the crazy cat lady that I am I bounded down the stairs and out onto the streets to find my baby kitten.  He was across the street, trapped between the front door and the apartment foyer door and what I found was a sick, scared, near death teeny tiny thing.  He fit in the palm of my hand.  Somebody probably tossed him out when he got sick.  We took him to the vet, spent an enormous amount of money and quarantined him for the next month.  The vet said if we hadn't brought him in he would've died within 24-48 hours.  K and Cadeau slept in the front bedroom until we knew he was safe for the other cats to be around.  Savvy took to him quickly, but it's taken Bunny 3 years just to let him lay down beside him without getting up in a huff.
You might say Bunny is a little spoiled....

And that is what scares me.  All of my cats are terribly spoiled and although I'm not even pregnant, I've already been on forums that talk about how to introduce your cats and your new baby.  These cats have the run of the house and our bed--it is not going to be easy.  But I think we'll manage.  I've already figured out how to make a tent over the crib with our mosquito net to keep the cats out--that's a bonus, the baby won't get malaria either!

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