Thursday, April 24, 2008

Boy or Girl? The Answer May Depend on Mom’s Eating Habits

If you haven't seen this in the New York Times is an interesting read along with the comments that follow.

****I'm a big breakfast eater and always consume a full three meals....let's see what happens!
Doesn't explain Posh and her three boys though, does it?!


Carrie said...

i saw that, interesting. i skip breakfast but eat lots of what does that mean? a tomboy? ha. :) In reference to the message you left on my blog - YES! we are two peas in a pod. (Never seen Lost, love organization, in our TWW, etc) Good luck to us through the wait, and definitely rent Lost!

giggleblue said...

so, do i need to start skipping breakfast? weird that girls come from under nurished moms. totally seems like it would be the other way around!!!

Keri said...

Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

My doc has some baby-making related articles on the wall beside the bed for one to read after an IUI. This article is among them but next to it he has written in highliter "But..." and another article is presented talking about the importance of mom's nutrition and why one should not start skipping brekkie and bananas to better chances of having a girl.

Today was the first time I saw the article, and I had just eaten bran cereal with sliced bananas.

(P.S. Nice to meet you!)