Friday, April 4, 2008

Back in the Stirrups

I've spoken to my nurse and we're on to IUI #2.  Basically the same protocol as last month and this is the overall map of what I'm doing:
  • March/April/May = unmedicated IUI's with trigger shots
  • June/July/August = IUI w/ drugs, probably Clomid and trigger
  • After August = Gimme the hard drugs, we're going IVF baby!
I have a lot to be thankful for and I now need to remind myself of at least 10 good things (not necessarily in order of importance):
  1. My body is working; I have regular periods and I ovulate regularly.  
  2. Dr. VID says I have a perfect uterus.  
  3. I am in excellent health.  
  4. I walk to work and back and am thankful my legs and feet carry me without fail for one hour every single day.  
  5. I eat a healthy, mostly organic diet.  
  6. My insurance policy that is (so far) covering this.
  7. Many wonderful friends and family members who support me and care about me.  
  8. A good job that isn't the most fulfilling but at least doesn't make me miserable and best of all provides me with a great deal of flexibility.
  9. Three cats that love me as soon as I walk in the door every single day!
  10. My partner, because I cannot imagine doing this without K.
That's my pep talk to myself.  It's back in the stirrups folks!


Rebecca said...

Keep those 10 things in the front of your brain if you can...this is the toughest journey, but your pep talks will help! Good luck to you!

Rachel said...

I'm glad you have such an aggressive schedule - good luck!