Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mission # 2 Activated (formerly known as Swim Swimmers Swim)

Ready to be Spermified

IUI #2 was this afternoon at 2pm. When I went in yesterday my estrogen had peaked and I was clearly already surging so I didn't have to do the trigger shot.
I had an U/S yesterday and there was one nice looking follice at 18.5mm, so by the time of the IUI maybe it had reached 20mm.
The timing has me a little freaked. I think that last month K and I truly did see it as almost a 'practice run' and we weren't expecting too much. This month feels more real and thus has me scared of the very low percentages of a natural cycle IUI at my 'advanced age' (38) and the short lifespan of frozen sperm (6-12 hours VS 3 days for the fresh stuff).
The timing is so tight and crucial, it's a wonder anyone ever gets pregnant!

My acupuncturist wants me to start temping again and the funny thing is, I'd started doing it the night before myself.
Going to the RE and Big Fertility Center can make you forget that you are still the best advocate for what your body is doing and I realized that I need to have some power over that.
The blood work and the ultrasounds are great, but I want to temp as well.
Next month--if I'm not pregnant, I'll be getting a speculum to check out my cervix and see what's going on in there. If you don't know what I mean and it's just can read all about it

Overall, it went rather smoothly. My nurse had a bit more trouble threading the catheter in this time, but it wasn't painful, just uncomfortable and took a little longer. She likes to talk to me while she's going about the business which is great as it might take your mind off it, but at one point, I had to say, "I'm going to stop talking and just breathe now, OK?"

Afterwards, I texted K, but she was in a meeting and couldn't call me right back. So, I put on my iPod and listened to a few songs by Elisa before heading to the office. K and I were able to talk on my way to work and she is being very supportive.
It's hard for both of us that she's not around much to be a part of this on a day to day level.
But as she travels for work Monday-Thursday, it's difficult.

We have a busy weekend ahead with a silent rave in Union Square Friday night (this is about 2000 people dancing around with their iPods on!), a farewell BBQ for my German friend on her apartment terrace tomorrow afternoon/evening, and a baby christening of K's nephew on Sunday in Princeton.
I have something planned almost every single night next week--even if it's just yoga or pilates as it makes the TWW go by much, much faster!


Rachel said...

Good luck! It must be so hard to not have K there in person for these important moments. Is there someone else who can accompany you to the appointments, so you at least don't have to sit alone waiting? I'll be thinking of both of you during this 2ww.

Travelher and Pufferfish said...

It's either not as hard as I expected or I'm in denial. Not sure which one yet:)
But so far, just keeping myself in good spirits and trying to stay busy.

Many friends have offered to come with me, but I'm saving those offers in case this gets really hard.

So far, it's not!

giggleblue said...

ah, fingers crossed for the waiting game... i'm hoping the little eggy sticks like it's supposed to - have you tried talking to the belly yet? i've heard great success stories (well, not really, but it's something to do.)