Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Totally Not an April Fool's Joke

And totally not pregnant either. I got up to POAS when K got in the shower at some ungodly hour to catch her flight and Aunt Flo greeted me.  I POAS'd anyway because I was like, "F*ck You.  I did not wait all this time to not pee on my first stick!"
I know, silly, but there was a little voice in my head--a crazy deranged voice--that said, "could be late implantation bleeding?" Even though I knew it wasn't.

And that was that.  Out of frustration I drank a full caff cappuccino--take that you stupid sperm--ate a 3-course lunch with my team at Lilette (oh so YUM delicious) and then was upset that I'd done nothing but eat for five days, including an absolutely fabulous meal last night at Commander's Palace.  
Out of frustration I went to the gym and ran five miles on the treadmill and burned 550 calories before saying "screw it", then went to dinner at a friend's house where I not only had another 3-course meal but I drank WINE.
Wine, Ha!  That no drinking thing lasted a really long time didn't it.  What was that, two weeks? Haha.

You know, I really didn't expect to be pregnant on the first try and honestly, I feel bad for kids who have December birthday's because they totally get screwed.  However, I would've loved to have a December baby!  I can't believe that I used to be like, "well, I really want a girl, and I'd like to be most pregnant in the summer months and I don't want a Scorpio or a December baby"  HA!
As if I have any control over anything?! (hello, control issues anyone...I'm working on that).
Now, I want a baby, a healthy little baby.  I don't care when or what sign or what sex.  
Just get me pregnant and get me one of them babies.

It also sucks that I can't curl up with K tonight and talk about this because she's on a plane and completely inaccessible.

OK folks, on to Try #2.  Stay tuned.
And if you're out there reading this, say hey.  Or something.


Melissa said...

Well crap, I'm sorry. I'm glad you made the most of your BFN though. I feels so good to eat and drink all the bad things possible.

Catherine said...

Hey. Hope you're staying focused on looking forward - on to Round 2. I just finished Round 2 and moving in to Round 3...

You made me smile with your comments about having thought you didn't want a December baby, and now, who cares when its birthday is! I had those thoughts too :-)

shindagrl said...


Get on that horse again.
Love ya, darlin.


shindagrl said...

BTW, I am never, EVER going to let you forget that you once joined something called "The Internet Vagina Posse". YHGTBFKM!!!! And yes, I'm going to share this with your (fill-in-zodiac-sign-here) child one day when it's a teenager, so he/she can also never let you forget it.....;)