Wednesday, April 30, 2008

There Will Be Blood.

14 Days Since the IUI and my PMS headache came yesterday in the late afternoon. Nothing makes this headache go away and I did not do it any favors by going to a concert last night.

Ah, but the concert was Feist and well worth the pain!  Thanks for taking me, Christine!

The day after this particular headache, I am usually greeted by Aunt Flo in the morning.
However...the anticipated bleeding has not begun.
I've had some minor...I don't know what to call them, they are not really cramps, but strange feelings in my lower stomach that I usually don't have.

Stranger still, I was walking to a friend's house this evening around 6pm and who do I see coming down the sidewalk towards nurse!  The one who inseminated me 14 days ago! She asked how I was doing and wished me luck and I was left there thinking...THIS has to mean something, right?

Months ago, a woman in my support group (Women Planning Biological Children at the LGBT Center in Manhattan) gave me a bag of OPK's and POAS's and I have one pee stick left...I just might use it tomorrow.  Or, I just might wait it out a few more days...

Friday morning K and I fly to my mom's for an early Mother's Day weekend.  That would be wonderful for everyone to be pregnant and celebrating mother's, wouldn't it?

I'm trying, trying, trying to not get my hopes up tooooo much.  But my body is pretty regular, so the fact this headache and come and gone has me hoping just a bit right now.

AND as I was in the middle of writing this I had a strange sensation in my koochacacha and said, "hmmmm, I think I'll go to the bathroom".  What I found, I refer to as "tinge o' pee" and K calls "rose tinted pee paper".  My other AF clue and one that I was getting hopeful about as the headache had come and gone and old Rose had not shown a sign.

I guess the headache was early, b/c I have a strong feeling THERE WILL BE BLOOD.


Carrie said...

No AF, No AF! I've got all my fingers crossed. Oh man, I KNOW that PMS headache. I get one 2-3 days prior to my period, and NOTHING makes it go away.
Hon, I'm wishing you lots of luck this cycle. If it doesn't end up being this month, then here's hoping next month works for both of us! (I just got my BFN today, and am already spotting. grr) Hang in there!

giggleblue said...


Inlocoparentis said...

Drat. Keeping hope alive until you confirm, though.