Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Me Gusta Fin de Semana de Primavera

One of my best friends in the entire world got married on Friday.  Congratulations Senora Morales!  This is the same friend I called on the table after IUI #1, she's the sister I never had.
She doesn't live here and neither does her Colombian husband, but they were coming to NYC and decided since her parents were also here for the weekend and two of her best friends live here, they'd go down to the courthouse and get married.
Oh, she crazy like that.  That why I heart her.
We had a great celebration dinner at Sapa and I even drank champagne!  Oh La La.  I am getting so crazy...!
It was great to be surrounded by wonderful, loving, beautiful people in my life.

K's mom and stepdad were also in town for the weekend and we made brunch for them at our apartment on Saturday morning.  K had already told her mom that I wasn't pregnant this try and she was disappointed for me which was nice.  A few months ago when we were starting this process she was so disinterested and I was a little worried.  My mom was great and I wanted her mom to be as supportive and wonderful.  She may never get to this point because I'm not her daughter and we've had our ups and downs, but it helps us a lot if both moms are there with us through it all.  I feel confident that they will both be fantastic grandmothers!  K and I are the only daughters and that is something special.

Spring is finally here!  One of my favorite things about NYC is being able to walk everywhere and the weekends find us out and about, either going on a long walk down the East River esplanade which we on Saturday or exploring the city which we did on Sunday.

A very good friend of mine is leaving NYC this month.  She is from Germany and has been working here for two years.  I met her and her mother in Burma/Myanmar in 2003 when we were both on a hike through the jungle and staying in the same village guesthouse.  A year later they came to visit me in NYC and then K and I visited them in Germany and then she ended up with a placement here living 15 blocks away from me.  So crazy!  From meeting in Burma to living in NYC.  Life is strange and wonderful like that....

Sunday we spent the day with the two of them wandering upper Central Park, Harlem, Morningside Heights ad visiting the Cathedral of St. John the Divine.
We ended the day taking a bus down to midtown--a place I rarely venture--to eat at this famous burger joint inside Le Parker Meridien.  It is so weird to go into this posh, modern hotel lobby and behind a curtain down the hall is a greasy diner-type of burger joint.
I had been meaning to go for years and I'm so glad it was on their list of "things to do in NYC before we leave".  
The Shake Shack is still my favorite, but more dangerous because I work so close to that place...oh those burgers are so freaking good.
I might just have to go get one this week!  YUM!

An excellent weekend spent with K and good friends!  I hope you had a great weekend, too!

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LKC said...

I just found your blog today and have spent my entire lunch hour reading all of your previous posts. I can't wait to follow along your journey!