Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Good, the Bad and the Stressful

Acupuncture yesterday went great! I love my needle-pokin' lady and she was so cute when I came in yesterday greeting me with "I cheated". What?? "I read your blog, congratulations!!!" Yes, everyone knows.
I felt really at peace and was able to do some awesome visualization and for the first time thought "I'm really pregnant".
To further this feeling, I did some retail "I'm really pregnant" therapy online purchasing a prenatal yoga DVD, a pilates when you're pregnant DVD, the Mayo book, wrist sea bands (for the ferry in Indonesia, car rides AND they help with morning sickness) and a morning sickness relief kit with ginger candies and who knows what else. Added bonus was that it was all free! K, because she is a rock star employee, gets little "you're a rock star" gifts from her company every few months which can be turned into Ama.zon certificates--so me being the rock star household manager, gets to spend them!
The sea bands and the kit will go on vacation with us. I figure we should be as prepared as possible in case it hits me.

Then my RE called and that feeling of, how do you say, "Chill the Fuck Out" which I felt I was doing, suddenly went away. He wanted me to come in for more bloodwork, make sure the #'s were doubling. OK, I agree. The spotting, combined with the low numbers has him very concerned that this could be an ectopic. Well Fuck. So, he is very concerned about me getting on a plane to Indonesia before we can do a scan (it will be too early to do one and tell) because if it is an ectopic, my tube could rupture in transit.
That's just great. Totally NOT chilling the fuck out anymore.

Of course, I've emailed the two international hospitals on Bali and they can do beta blood work on me, but get this--it takes a WEEK to get the results!! Anyway, they are equipped to deal with this kind of thing. And, there are a few land masses we fly over enroute where an emergency landing could happen if need be. How fast can a tube rupture? You have to feel a lot of pain first, right?
Seriously, I have no idea what to do at this point.
I'll get the blood work today and also next Tuesday and that will give us enough to make a decision.

I rode my bike up the East River this morning to the RE for the beta test and was able to get up, give blood and be back home all in 30 round trip. And I didn't have to bike on a single NY city street. It was awesome and I was feeling really good about the day.
Until I got home and K told called to tell me that she'd forgotten her passport.

As in she's somewhere in a Central Time Zone flying to Montreal tonight and her passport is here in NYC. Well Fuck me again. I called the airline, the TSA and the Canadian Embassy and border patrol customer service. No clear answers.
They might let her on with a copy of her passport/birth certificate (I could scan these and get them to her by email). Or they might not. And even if the airline lets her on, the Canadian border patrol could deny her entry, even if I have her passport there waiting for her.
There's just no way around this.

So, she's flying back to NYC and I'll go to Montreal to visit our friends for the weekend. It's been really hard coordinating all of this travel--6 weeks worth of trips including her business travel--so it's an honest mistake (especially because it's CANADA, I mean christ it's like it's another state...but it's not!).

It just sucks because I won't see her for another week when she will literally be home for a few hours before we fly to Bali. She was going to meet me in Tokyo, but she's coming home first. What a mess. If we even go to Bali. What a freaking mess.

Just waiting for those new beta numbers. I swear I walk around, saying "double double triple" in my head.


mulberry said...

oh boy! double double triple... we will all pick up the mantra.

the travel puzzle is quite brain twisting. sorry it looks like you will miss each other for the weekend, i know how much that time means to you both with all the weekday travel.

i hope the little passenger has settled where it aught to have, and the three of you are able to go to bali!

thinking of you... dakota and i sent you gals some good vibes last night in the midst of our re-planning session. will get more on that up on the blog later. mostly just wanted to send you love and hopes that baby knows where to park.

nutella said...

Oh dear, it all sounds very stressful. Hope the news is good today from the RE and that all of your ass covering about available care in Bali is for naught. You deserve to enjoy your pregnancy and your vacation!

Chris said...

I'm late chiming in here but wanted to say how excited I am for you!! I'll have to go back and read from the beginning.

My SIL had a tubal so I can kinda tell you what her's was like. Keep in mind that every pregnancy is different. First, she had bright red spotting (sorry, if that's TMI) that required a pad and she was in VERY much pain. If you are in any pain, please, go to the ER asap. She ended up going to the ER and had to have her tube removed. Of course, she lost the baby BUT 3 months later she got pregnant with no problems at all.

Also, I had spotting with all 3 of my girls. It was just a little brown when I wiped (sorry, again, if that's TMI) so I didn't need a pad or anything. Sometime when the egg is getting settled it can cause that. I think they call it implantation bleeding.

I actually have some friends (female+female) who purchase some little swimmers. She got pregnant via AS and now they have a little boy that just turned 1yo so I know it can happen.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that you are able to get K home okay and that your numbers double and triple, QUICK!

Lizzie said...

I totally, totally get it. I'm sitting here trying to figure out if I get my period today, I'd have IUIs on X and Y, I could leave for Africa (work trip) on Z. How long would I be there? What if I get pregnant and I'm over there? Anyway, just to say that I understand the travel juggling. I often wish in these situations that I were straight (ok, no, I don't wish that, but you know what I mean) because my straight friends find out so much later, get maybe one blood test, and then they're off to an OB. We've got so many EARLY variable, and EARLY tests that it clouds the decision making. I SO HOPE that the next beta has out of the ballpark numbers so that you can relax and just go on vacation!!

shawn said...

um, feel free to IM me as I don't want to get into too much detail here. you know where I'm at on gmail.

i can tell you, from having an ectopic that didn't rupture but from having to go in every day for the blood and ultrasounds...i fully believe that that is why it didn't rupture. they watched me every day for a month. i'm not kidding - every day.

the main thing - and i'm sure you know this - is to make sure any clinic has metho on hand. i have a friend that just illegally shipped some to someone who needed it bc the clinic didn't have it ...

some people have pain before the rupture. i had no pain until after the metho. so there's no way to tell.

i think relaxing and going with your gut is the best thing, though. hopefully it's all just a scare.

xo thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

oh, I hope your number increase, and fast. I hope that baby is finding a good little home inside of you right now. You so need this vacation. All of those complications you could and would deal with - that I know, I just don't want you to have to.
I am sorry K is not going to Montreal - I know how much you have been looking forward to all your travel plans together.

This is all so very much. Please call me if you need anything, anything at all. xoxo L.

Anonymous said...

i'm a newbie, so all i can do is send you positive vibes. try to relax and stay in tune with your body. good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry there's so much stress and worry right now. I'm hoping that it's only good coming your way.