Monday, August 4, 2008

Here's Where I Need (some of) Your Advice

Not that I don't love all of you and seriously I do. No really, let's talk about that for a minute:

I am so grateful for the abundance of well wishes that come my way. I have no idea who everyone is out there reading my crazy blog, but I'm astonished there are so many. Thank you for reading, for playing my silly travel trivia games, for listening to the mundane details of my life and for leaving encouraging comments when I write something you like or relate to. Thank You.

Right now, I've hit that point where (most of) my friends IRL aren't asking me anymore how it's going. I think they don't know what to say. One of my BFF's and I had dinner last week--she who accidentally got pregnant--and as I was telling her everything, she just looked so...I don't know, many parts of shock/guilt/uncomfortable. She is such a great friend to keep asking and patiently listening to all of the details, but she can't relate AT ALL.
But you can. So thank you for just being there.

I need some advice. I'd like to change things up this last IUI cycle. It's cycle #6. I took Cl.omid 100 mg Days 5-9 and am currently on Day 12. According to my blood and U/S follicle check (there were, gulp, FOUR), I could very well trigger tomorrow (Tuesday).
I have consistently done the trigger around 9am and the IUI at 11am/12pm the next day which is only 26-27 hours. Most everything says you'll ovulate within 24-36 hours after the maybe I need to do it more around 30-34 hours?
I know those frozen guys don't last long...
Also this month--just to change it up, why the hell not as it's the last shot before starting IVF...we're using two vials of our boyz. His counts have been 'adequate' between 10-14 million, but I need more than adequate this time. I haven't decided whether I should do two vials and one IUI or two IUI's....oh the uncertainty.
Depending on the timing, I may have to shoot myself in the ass. I am not looking forward to that, but I can do it.

Question: For those of you who used a trigger shot and did an IUI AND got pregnant, when did you trigger and when did you do the IUI?
How many IUI's did you do?



Anonymous said...

Ours ended in a c/p but I thought this might help you. We triggered Wednesday evening, around 8. We had our first IUI about 20 hours later and the second at about 36, give or take. If you can manage the back to back IUI's I would absolutely go for it. You cover all of your bases that way. In our case, S ovulated from one side by the second IUI. If we hadn't done the first one we would have wasted that egg.Good Luck! :-)

Anonymous said...

thanks for asking the question. it was helpful for me as well. and i can completely understand what it's like when ppl are uncomfortable with asking you how it's going. hang in there. we're all in this together!!

Heidi said...

Both times I got pregnant with IUI the IUI was 36 hours post trigger shot.

(and both times I had 4 or more follicles, and only one baby, so don't let the number of follicles freak you out!)

Since you are doing two vials, my rec is 24 and 36 hours post trigger.

Love and hugs and fingers crossed for you!!!

carey said...

I agree with Heidi... if you are going to do two IUIs, 24 & 36 hours post trigger.

We did one IUI 36 hours post trigger - we had 6 follicles and got pg with one.

Good luck!!

Lizzie said...

Not answering, because as someone who hasn't gotten pregnant, I don't qualify .... just reading along for info. :)

giggleblue said...

i'm not qualified to answer the question, but i did want to say that i think changing it up this month is a good option! continue to advocate for yourself and change it up if needed!!!

best of luck with this month!

indigoscot said...

my stats = trigger shot at 10am, iui #1 at 1130am the next day, iui #2 at 830am the day after that. i also had 4 follicles! good luck!