Friday, August 15, 2008

Lunch in Santa Cruz, CA?

I know there are some peeps out here in blogland that reside in Northern California.  If any of you are familiar with nice dining options in Santa Cruz, could you let me know?
I'm looking for a place for lunch next Friday.  Thanks!


evangeline said...

i don't know but i can look it up for you with my new iphone app LocalEats hahahahahaha I haven't used it yet.


Carrie said...

if you walk down the downtown santa cruz streets, you'll see tons of good places. if you can drive 5-10min further south, i recommend capitola. There are some fantastic spots on the water. Too bad I won't be here next weekend, I would have loved to meet up! I live about 25 minutes from Santa Cruz. LMK next time you're out here!

Doug said...

Lunch with a view...
If you're going to be in Santa Cruz proper for lunch I recommend going out to the Yacht Harbor and having lunch at the Crow's Nest. Their fish tacos are yummy!

If you do get to Capitola go to Paradise Beach or Zeldas for lunch.

If the quality of the food is more important than the view hit up Cafe Cruz on the border of SC/Capitola and Soquel (its on 41st Ave). Best restaurant in town IMHO.