Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Just Don't Get It

Maybe it's because I started young--underage
Maybe it's because I worked in one for a couple of years
Maybe it's because I don't like the music
Maybe it's because some of the people scare me
Maybe it's because it feels segregated
Maybe it's because I'm married
Maybe it's because I'm older
Maybe it's because I don't get drunk
Maybe it's because I'm not looking
Maybe it's because I look straight
Maybe it's because the most discrimination I've ever faced for being not being "lesbian enough" has been inside a New York lesbian bar.

Say what you want about the south, but this never happened in Texas.
I'm so over lesbians and their bars.


evangeline said...

ohhhhh i haven't thought about this one in a while. but, yeah, thank god the bars are a thing of my past. way back 20 year old past.

Jackie said...

I just figured I'd post to say that I don't get it either. When we go to girl bars these days usually we'll go with a big enough group that the other patrons don't really matter. Sigh.

Keely said...

Oh to hell with the lezborati. They always seem to miss the central irony in advocating for challenging gender normative stereotypes on one hand, and enforcing homo-normative stereotypes on the other.

Les Make Babies said...

I'm with you. The coolest lesbians that I've met have always been the ones who avoid lesbo-bars like the plague.

Gia said...

oh child I sooo could have told you about that event and what you would walk away with....

Anonymous said...

We're definitely over the lesbian bar scene. Maybe it has something to do with not being in our 20's anymore, or maybe all that hip in one place is just never a good thing.