Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

A year ago I was giving Chicken a Lupron shot in the upstairs bathroom of her mother's house as we started our egg donor cycle.
This year I'm a mother of two amazing little boys.
I hope you all get to celebrate Mother's Day next year.
If you are already a mother, I hope you stop every day and cherish the small moments.
I am learning they go by all too soon.


mamaandmummy said...

What a sweet photo. Happy Mothers' Day! With "s aphostrophe," of course.

Samantha02 said...

Its amazing what a difference a year can make. That gives me hope. Happy Mothers Day to you both.

tireegal68 said...

Just for posterity I'm lying on the couch with horrible indigestion and gas - I hope I remember that next year when I hope to have our baby in our arms!
Happy Happy Mothers' Day to you both - and that is a cute picture!

Michaela said...

Happy Mothers Day and thanks for letting us be a little part on your journey. I am here every day to check if there are any news. :D

Greetings, Michaela (Austria)