Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Roly Poly Problemos

For the last week or so--right around the 3 month mark (but 2 months adjusted) both of the boys have been rolling onto their backs during tummy time.
This seemed early...but great.

Today, Grunter was taking a nap in the crib when we heard an unusual squak. We figured he was waking up and ready to eat, as usual.

When we went in we found he had rolled--while swaddled--from his back to his front!
Scary though because he couldn't move since he was swaddled up.
I think the swaddler gives him an unfair advantage of flipping and rolling that he doesn't have otherwise. Plus, I can already tell he is going to be a side sleeper as he prefers to roll on his side while hanging out.

Is it time to unswaddle and just do the sleep sack portion??
I'm scared because he still can't raise his head a long time during tummy time and doesn't have the upper body strength his brother has.
I'm also scared that he won't sleep as well with his arms moving all over.
What to do? What to do...?

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Elise said...

Time for a sleep positioner! It'll even help him sleep safely on his side if that what he (and you) prefer.

nutella said...

Agree that a sleep positioner may give you a few more weeks with the swaddle. Or you can try him with 1 arm out of the swaddle and see if he still sleeps ok.

Strawberry said...

We used a sleep positioner with Miles until 4 months I think. Swaddled him and laid him in it.

Strawberry said...


jessie said...

that's when we stopped swaddling. Or take his arms out

N said...

Either a sleep positioner, or slowly ween off the swaddle. We're currently one-arm swaddling n - with the swaddle-me's (or a blanket, we have both), do it like you normally would for their right arm, but instead of wrapping it around the left, tuck it under their torso directly, and then bring the other side up under their left arm, leaving it out.

anofferingoflove said...

we stopped swaddling at this point, i was just too nervous. after a few nights, she got used to sleeping with her arms free and seems to love the freedom of movement.

K J and the kids said...

Get the wedge. Triangle shaped foam things that you can slide under to keep him in place.
The nice thing about these triangles is...you can position him on his side if he prefers it.

Sarah said...

He's rolling, so it's time to stop swaddling! You must use Halo swaddles if you are thinking of just removing the swaddle part and using the sleepsack. That's the way to go! Switching to the regular Halo sleepsacks really helped my first DS with the transition and kept him warm at night. Don't use a sleep positioner. It's really not safe enough and not worth the money for just a short period of use.

Anonymous said...

Here's what they told us last night in my infant CPR and safety class at the hospital about positioners - NO SLEEP POSITIONERS!!! They told us that Canada has banned them for years. They do not allow them to be imported into the country or to be made there - suffication hazard, especially since there are two of them in the same bed. Now, that's just what the National department of pediatric blabity blah says, clearly many people have used them and had no problems. I'm just passing along info.

I say move to sleep sacks and see how it goes. If it's a nightmare try the positioner.