Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Oh the thought processes are so much fun to read! But, nope.
One, only ONE person, has come very close...and I had a feeling she would, you Indian diety you.

Let me stress: a country where our dollar is stronger than the local currency. Check out the Euro vs. the USD. Not so good.

Also, gay marriage is very, very close to becoming a law in this country. Five gay couples have already married in this country after judges gave them permission, however, some of these marriages have been overturned.


Strawberry said...


Rachel said...

Are we allowed to guess again? New guess: South Africa, although my fear is that there is a huge gap between legal progress towards gay marriage and friendliness to 2 moms walking down the street together.

And if that's where you are going, I am SO jealous.

AdventuresInBabyMaking said...

Wait I just heard this morning that the Euro is at an all time low vs the dollar...

New Zealand?

Melissa said...

My guess is Portugal too.

metalstork.com said...

this is fun! buenos aires!

Lizzie said...


metalstork.com said...

also, if i'm right, i saved this article from '08 because it was just so inspiring! GOOD CHOICE!


kat said...

ah come on seattle would be beautiful :) and you can take our new light rail, and the bus, and the ferry, and the train. no cars! :)

my guess is brazil.

can you give us anymore hints? like have you been there before?

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tbean said...

I sat here and researched countries on the cusp of legalizing gay marriage. I'm pretty sure we've cracked the code. Argentina it is! so jealous!!!

(also, so sorry about your cat--also a hard decision, no matter what age they are)

queerstork said...

On our walk tonight we were discussing and came up with Argentina. But, I am not the first to post it so I missed the boat!

Still though, three domestic flights?

Have a great time!!!!