Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Little Man

Little Man in the morning light on my chest
Smiling, reaching, stretching your neck up and down from side to side
Experimenting with this new trick of yours, how strong you've become
Cooing at the shadows on the walls, mouth in an O at the wonder around you
Sweet, warm, baby breath upon my face
Tiny fingers grasping onto my big ones
I nestle my face into your neck and drink you up
This moment of ours in the early morning
I would give up anything for you
Just to enjoy every minute with you
These precious days are going by all too fast
Who knew a love like this was possible...
If you want to stay on my chest all day as morning lights to afternoon and fades to evening...
We could.


Anonymous said...

:) What sweet, precious babies you have.

Anonymous said...

Lovely... tears... what a perfect image.