Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Third Times a Charm?

The passport photos for myself and Chicken are done.

We did a re-do with the boys. This time a very nice lady had they lay on the floor on top of a white blanket we had brought.
Chicken and I would hold their heads facing perfectly straight, count to 3 and let go.
Some times this worked, but wow, babies really like to turn their heads.
We thought we got 2 good photos but when she printed them, the were blurry and the blanket was rumpled....which means they are no good!!

Today, I'm going to try some photos at home myself and if it works, just go in and have her size and print them since she offered us yet another re-do.
Just in case we have to try it in the store again, we are going to use a piece if white poster board instead and I'm bringing my camera as it has a much faster speed than the digi she was using.

Fingers crossed. Third times a charm.
We don't have our appointment at the passport agency until next week, so we have tine to keep trying!
This is crazy!

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cindyhoo2 said...

This saga is cracking me up; although it would be super frustrating to live through!

projectkjetil said...

Idea... what if you bought a sheet or two of white posterboard? You could lie it down on top of a layer or two of blankets or towels, but the posterboard wouldn't crumple. Also, if the photographer uses action mode, that might help with the blur.

Good luck!

Christen said...

Long time lurker (irl friend of Schroe, blogless but we've been trying to get knocked up for awhile), thought I'd butt in with this maybe-helpful hint: Other friends of mine with babies have used this passport photo trick where they cover themselves completely with a white sheet. The baby goes on their lap, and they reach through the sheet to hold up the baby's head. Since the sheet covers everything, no hands show, but baby still gets head support. Sometime the baby will freak out since it's a little weird to be held by mom in a sheet, but if you can get the photo before the freakout, it works out okay. Good luck!

Jen said...

Crap. I am exhausted just reading about the saga! Kind of makes me glad we have no use for a baby passport... We are sticking with roadtrips for the time being!

Melissa said...

You are seriously scaring me. We plan to go gets Jack's passport pics taken soon. I'll see how your third time goes before we go :)

Schroedinger said...

Wow, what a crazy couple of days you have had! Seems like the boys are discovering whole new ways of keeping you on your toes! I am sure you will (eventually) get the photos you need. Christen's advice sounds good to me-- and she's good people, wouldn't steer you wrong ;-)

Hope to see you soon!