Monday, October 18, 2010


My boys are always doing that "twin thing".
Today, they both took off their left sock. Repeatedly. I would put it on (it was chilly out today) and they'd take it off immediately.
Today was the first time I've seen them holding hands except for when nursing. I can't believe I got a picture of it in time!!
Just 3 days ago they started really interacting/noticing/playing with each other.
It is SO freaking adorable to watch them look at each other, smile and laugh. What a great age. What wonderful babies.
I am so lucky.

Yes, my son is wearing fuchsia striped and polka dotted socks. Because I like it.

P.S. I showered today!!! And early this evening Chicken kissed me on the neck and said, "you still smell like a curry puff".
Hey, at least I'm still a Puff.
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cindyhoo2 said...

Yay! Those twin things are some of the moments I am looking most forward to. And I LOVE the socks.

Congrats on the shower ;)

K J and the kids said...

Very sweet.

Ali said...

I love this picture! They're just perfect.

Strawberry said...

Adorable. And fuchsia socks are awesome.

tbean said...

What a sweet photo. Stirred me out of my middle of the night anxiety when I read this at 5 am (while getting up to eat cause I was starving) and made me REALLY excited that twins are coming to our family soon!

Nicole said...

Adorable! And I love the idea of both of them taking off the same sock. Twins are pretty darn cool.

Pomegranate said...

omg. how cute are they? absolutely adorable!