Friday, October 22, 2010

How Long Did You Tandem Breastfeed Your Twins? And How?

The twins just turned nine months old and I'm still able to use the double bf-ing pillow, but it's becoming a bit of a battle zone. They are so aware of each other--pulling hair, poking eyes, reaching over and grabbing the breast out of the other's mouth, twisting my nipple. Good Times.

Also, one is crawling and the other one just starting, so I find when I am playing with them and they decide they want to eat/snack, they start pulling at my shirt, climbing on me and yelling. If I try to feed them separately and one sees the other getting the magic booby--all hell breaks loose.

I have recently begun feeding them sitting on the floor, Indian style with both of them straddling my legs facing towards me. It's not very comfortable, but it seems to work OK.

I've also put them on their backs on the floor and leaned over them (also to work on getting the clogged milk ducts unclogged). Sort of a primal-yoga-pilates type move. Again, not the most comfortable, but it worked.

Suggestions needed! I'm trying to make it to a year.

I know I've got some twin mommies readers out there.....surely someone knows what I'm talking about.


Sunny said...

I am impressed you still tandem feed! Mine are so distractable, I've been feeding them one at a time for months (and they are 6 months old now). It takes a bit longer of course, but it doesn't bother me.

I plan to BF the twins for 12 months. With my singleton, I hit that mark and let him self-wean (which he did at 18 months old because I got pregnant with the twins). With the twins, I'm not sure I have it in me to go longer than a year. It will depend on how often they are nursing at that point (with my singleton it was only a couple of times a day, which I can handle!).

K J and the kids said...

I was feeding my babies one at a time by now. and was done by 9 months sadly....or they were done at 9 months.
I never used the pillow....I would slouch a lot and just pile them in my lap. NOT good for the posture. I still slouch today because of it.
Good are doing a GREAT job.

vee said...

No advice, but just had to say how impressed I am with your agility, ingenuity and dedication!

Jen said...

No advise, just super impressed! It is hard enough feeding one that is 10mo old and moving, I simply can't imagine two! Way to go mama, you have done an amazing job and I hope you figure it all out.

Anonymous said...

I breastfed my twins for 19 months, and at some point (that whole first year is hazy, but it might have been around then) -- I started doing them one at a time. They were feeding a lot faster by then, and they knew who got to go first, which helped.

SP said...

You've probably already tried this: put 4 or 5 pillows against the headboard in the middle of the bed. Sit leaning against them and put one boy on each side, football style with their bodies lying alongside the pillows and their feet toward the headboard. That way, the pillows keep their bodies separate. The only parts they will be able to see (of each other) are their faces and arms...which may be enough to lead them into distraction. Good luck.

shroomie said...

let's see- i bf my duo until they were 18 months- (not exclusively, but primarily). During the day I was able to stagger their feeds so that I could use that time for a little one-on-one. During the night feeds I used a tandem pillow, when one woke up I would just dream feed the other with the hopes that it prevent me having to get up again.
You are a rock star for hanging in this long - it is tough but keep up the good work!