Sunday, October 31, 2010

Spook and Boo

We have had one busy weekend! The boy's rhythm dictates most of our days and so, we never made it to the party at the Center because they napped late. However, I heard we didn't miss much, so I'm glad to didn't rush across town for a mediocre party.
Today there were a ton of Halloween activities going on in my little neighborhood. A toddler parade in the morning, a pooch costume parade at noon and later a Halloween fair complete with a band, games, hayrides, pumpkin patches and a corn maze. Yes, I live in a strange and wonderful place right here in NYC.
Although Grunter has been super cranky the last couple of days (new tooth?) and we had a couple of meltdowns getting out of the house both in the morning AND the afternoon, we managed to go out, meet up with other moms/kids and have fun.
Of course the best part was having everyone stop to look, smile, laugh or take photos of our little guys.
Here they are!
Monster stuck on giant belly, Dinosaur mesmerized by camera
Dinosaur is thirsty
Monster regard leaf object with great suspicion
What do you think these are? Why are they between our legs?
Monster and Dinosaur hanging out
Mommy and the Munchkins
The Obligatory First Halloween Family Photo


Laurie said...

ahhh I love them!

glamcookie said...


Marcia (123 blog) said...

your boys were saving the co-operation for the photos. Clever boys!

The pics are all gorgeous - love your family one.

p.s. is the breast thing sorted out? you look well in the pics :)

K J and the kids said...

SUCH cute boys.
When are you going to get their pictures back from "the shoot"
Love to see them.

anofferingoflove said...

awwwww!!! they are *so* cute!! :)

A+K said...

Love the family photo!! Seems like you guys had lots of fun options yesterday! How nice!

pugmama said...

Darling! Glad you were able to partake in Halloween festivities!

poppycat said...

I heart.