Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'll Do (Almost) Anything

To make sure the babies don't wake up.
They are pretty good sleepers now, but I still have the old fear in me.
Combine that with the fact that we have a one bedroom apartment and our bed is a mere 20 inches from the end of Grunter's crib...well, it's close quarters in here.

Every night, I curse the squeaky door while simultaneously sticking my foot out so the cat doesn't dart past me, get in as fast as possible and softly shut the door behind me. Unfortunately, our door makes a discernible 'click' as it closes and inevitably one of the babies will stir. Not wake up, but stir-scare me.

I crept into bed, pulled up the duvet and got cosy.

Then I realized I had to pee. Crap. The boys were still stirring.
There was NO WAY I was going to click and squeak and risk them waking up.
So tired. Please pee feeling, please go away. Surely you can hold it all night.
Absolutely not.
I then had three thoughts:
  1. I wonder if we have an empty tupperware container in the room? (We do not. Completely irrational, but wistful thinking.)
  2. Dogs pee on the rug. I have a throw rug.
  3. I wonder how much pee a size 3 P.ampers can hold?
Then I got up and went to the bathroom. The twins did not wake up.
Sharing a one bedroom apartment with (almost) 9 month old twins is seriously starting to suck.

We thought we might move into a two bedroom apartment around their first birthday, but while our apartment went under rent stabilization last year, the prices of the 2-bedrooms have skyrocketed.
While I'm not going to talk about how much we currently pay, I will tell you that the 2 bedroom is almost TWO THOUSAND dollars (cough, gag, cough) more. For an extra bedroom that is about 200 square feet. That's all we'd be gaining. Not going to happen.

For now, we'll continue to creep softly.


Next in Line said...

I also will do almost anything. Bee is a very light sleeper. Sleeping in the same room as her in Edmonton was terrible. I was scared to move and hated creeping into the room at night. We ended up sleeping on the floor outside her room in the living room. It was so much better. I agree two thousand more for 200 square feet is not worth it. Given the options, I would be considering tupperware as well :)

Jen said...

Those crazy NYC prices!!! Definately not worth the space/price ratio! Chunk has a floor board that creaks in front of his crib and I have learned to dance around it after I put him to bed....

projectkjetil said...

That's funny that you wondered about the pee capacity of a diaper. If you happen to find out, let us all know. Could come in handy for camping, long car trips to chase our astronaut boyfriends, etc.

The last three mornings that Rilo has been in that stirring-but-if-we-don't-wake-him-I-can-still-shower state, Kyan has chosen to have a tantrum in the hallway outside his door. Blurgh.

glamcookie said...

We also have the squeaky door and still share our room with baby (also have to do the cat shuffle as well - ha!). We have a 2 bedroom, but our second bedroom is set up as an office. We will change it to be his bedroom at some point, but we aren't quite ready to have him that far away. We're crazy, I know.

Strawberry said...

Do you not have a sound machine? Or a loud fan/air filter?

cindyhoo2 said...

I am just the tiniest bit disappointed that this story did not end with you using a couple of pampers. ;) too funny.

And yikes! On the price difference.

nutella said...

I have it on very good authority that a size 3 diaper can, in fact, hold enough adult pee in an emergency so that said adult will not pee her pants.

soapwallakitchen said...

Brooklyn is where it's at! We live in Prospect Heights and love it. And the prices are much more reasonable than Manhattan.

JenB4 said...

Papmers absorb more than you think they will, but much slower than you think they will (hey, the toilet at the train station was broken).

I hear you on the one-bedrrom apartment. I did what my sister did - bought a high-grade white noise machine. Our bedroom sounds like an airplane but I can get up to pee whenever I want (and talk softly to my wife).

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

This is NYC, which means there's always someone with a bigger pad than yours--as well as a smaller one. Our neighbors had twins. They somehow survived for more than a year. In a studio. Yes, a studio. A real studio, in which the bed was in a nook but not separated by so much as a folding screen from the rest of the apartment, and the cribs were in the main living space.
They also did not breastfeed, meaning the kids slept longer, and they were majorly regimented in their schedules from the time they were (slightly premature) newborns. Not my parenting style, but I guess we do what we gotta do. Pampers, huh?