Sunday, October 24, 2010

Moose, Monsters and Sharks

We finally broke down and bought the boys their first pair of shoes. Yes, we managed to make it nine whole months without spending money on shoes! Woot.
I'm not judging others on their shopping habits, but I'm in the camp that believes shoes on babies is ridiculous. Cute? Yes! But they serve no purpose. They are going anywhere using their feet! Why the need for shoes (because their IS no need, it's just...CUTE!).
When they were infants, their feet were all bundling up in bunting and then it was spring when socks were enough... and they spent the entire summer mostly barefoot...and then socks again in the fall.

However, the other morning the temperature had dipped into the 50's and I felt the judgement stares (imagined?) of people who probably thought my boy's toes were going to freeze and fall off because they only had on socks. It was 55 degrees people, not 30!
BUT, But, but. They both have the habit of pulling off their socks. Usually the left one.
So, yeah, they each had one bare foot. And that foot was a bit chilly. But everytime I tried to put the sock back on--Pull! Fling!--off it came again.

A few clicks later to Zappo.s and we have the boy's first pair of shoes.
Meet Mr. Moose Feet, Mr. Monster Feet and Mr. Shark Hats. I figure they are only going to be little once. Why not be silly and cute and dress them in ridiculous outfits while I can?
I think they are plenty warm now. And cute.

And while I'm at it, why not buy them silly shark hats that match their fleece jackets and highlight their new teeth?
Check out my fins!
Poor Grunter. He's just woken up from a stroller nap and looks very confused as to why he's dangling from a swing wearing ridiculous clothing.


Jen said...

Cute, cute, cute. I am one that have used shoes on chunk for months, mainly to keep socks on. I also freakin' love Robeez shoes, but that's my issue :)

Next in Line said...

You seriously know how to dress these babies! I love the shark hats and cool shoes. I also never put shoes on her until she started pulling off her socks. Too much work!

K J and the kids said...

Very cute. and I agree, shoes are only cute when they are little and if I had money to burn I would for sure spend it on a few cute pairs :)

Marcia (123 blog) said...

LOVE the outfits!!!!

And mine only wore shoes at about 10/ 11 months for basically the same reason - it was winter here and we needed those toes warm. Before then I'd get the stares like "poor kids with your cheap mother" LOL

Heidur said...

About the problem with socks, why not just put them in tights? Tights are not just for girls :)

pugmama said...

Love the new shoes and hats!

Meredith said...

ZOMG- Will NEEDS all of that goodness! :::runs off to spend money on cute stuff:::

Meredith said...
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reproducinggenius said...

I have had the same feeling about shoes. We did get him a pair of robeez, but only in the last two weeks has our son actually worn shoes. There's something really weird about it. I think I preferred his bare toes.

I absolutely love your boys' shoes and hats. You know they'll love that you dressed them like this. Off to browse Zappos...

poppycat said...

Hillarious and oh so cute! We bought shoes for the kids now that its getting cold outside. I really like some of them and others are poorly designed and I wish I hadn't boght them. We are learning.

Still looking for a quiet time to call you! It WILL happen I swear! In the mean time, will you settle for one handed commenting? ;)