Friday, October 29, 2010

Urgh, Just ONE More Thing

Good thing I was able to sleep most of the day yesterday because Grunter woke up at 1:15am burning with fever and I was up with him until 4am. Right as I got to sleep....Whoop Whoop woke up. Same thing. I gave them both tylenol, nursed, slept with them on my chest...whatever it took.
But Mommy here didn't get ANY sleep until 7am when Chicken took over.
It's better that I let her sleep when I can because then she can be full-on, 100% there for me when I need it. We also had HN put in some extra hours today so I could get a few hours of rest.
Thankfully, the boys were only having a normal reaction to their flu shots they received yesterday (I couldn't go to their 9 month appt) and are mostly feeling themselves this afternoon--if just a tad bit crabbier.

The knots are still in my breast, there is a slight red rash and now I've got myself freaked out that maybe they are lumps of a different kind. Breast cancer runs high in my family and I am now paranoid.
I put in a call to my breast surgeon to see if they can do an ultrasound for me. I'm very hesitant to submit to a mammogram with the radiation and breastfeeding. "Some" say it's OK, "some say it's not. The jury is out.
I also called my OB--can't see me for weeks. A new OB can't see me until December or January!
And left a vm for my LC to see if she's in the city next week and can come over for a house call.
SOMETHING has to work.

I hope tonight is a better night for us all.
We've got a Halloween party to attend tomorrow afternoon at the GLBT Center and more festivities planned for Sunday. I hope the boys don't freak out in their costumes like they did for the photo shoot! I need some good photos of my little monsters!!


Laurie said...

Ahh, I'm jealous about the Halloween party! I've been searching for *something* to do with Ryan. Could you email me the details?

Anonymous said...

You poor thing. I am no HN but if I lived closer I would come to help in a heartbeat. I hope you feel better, the boys feel better and all is right with the world tomorrow. Hang in there.

K J and the kids said...

You called your OB with a lump in your breast and she won't see you for weeks ? Is she NUTS ?
Also....if you have mastitis that isn't something that can wait weeks either. I hope someone see's you soon.
Enjoy your weekend.

Anonymous said...

Sickie babies and broken titties!?! No fun for sure. I too can't believe your OB won't squeeze you in. Did you ask to leave her/him a msg or just talk to someone in reception? I would ask for a call back from your OB or their assistant.

Have a great time at the party and post some pics of your little monsters please.

AdventuresInBabyMaking said...

Oh your poor boobs! Hope your whole household feels better soon. xo