Monday, November 1, 2010

Bare It All

It's official, I've now bared my boobs for everyone. I started to keep count in the beginning and I got up to about 30-something and finally realized: Everyone who comes over is probably going to see my tits. And they have. It was either that or hide out in the bedroom and never see another human besides HN and Chicken.

And, Lactation Consultant has seen them (with a bonus of feeling me up) too!
My LC paid me a house call today. She came in demanding to "see those nipples". Love it. Believe it or not, all of our work to date has been done over the phone because she's that good.
And she's never charged me a penny. So today, I actually felt good writing out a check because without her, I would never have continued to breast feed. She has saved us so much money in formula, she's earned a nice check!

The good news is that I'm on the mend, so much so that I didn't even have that much of a 'problem' to show her. The bad news is that this breast seems prime to clog as it did again just last night. And, it turns out--you can get a 'little' bit of mastisis, which is what I had the other night. I had no idea you could fight it off without a dose of antibiotics, but you can.

More good news is that I am figuring out ways to get the clog out--fast!
Bad news is that the stubborn little lump I am feeling still has not gone away. I've got an ultrasound scheduled for that just to cover all my bases.

I'm going to have to concentrate more on some one-on-one nursing time in the cradle hold as that pull is where I have the main clogged duct.
Normally, I tandem them in the football hold, but that puts the pull at the wrong level/angle to suck it out.
It's going to be hard to do one-on-one because my babies aren't used to 'waiting their turn'. The blessing of being a SAHM with HN and having Chicken work from home is that these are twins who gets tons of 1-on-1 time. Unfortunately that also means they haven't ever really been taught to wait like most twins do. I have to work on that as in the afternoons HN is gone and Chicken is often on calls. I'm on my own and when they are ready to eat they now crawl up to me like desperate baby goats and lunge themselves clawing at my chest.

Really, I would love to show you a video clip and you would wet your pants laughing because I am laughing at it while it's happening. But I can't. Because, you know, my tits are in it.
And while I have now shown my tits to pretty much everyone, and I mean everyone--like that repairman HN let in the other day who waltzed through the living room, glanced over, stumbled and blushed as I waved--I'm just not ready to go viral on Utube.


Rachel said...

This made me laugh. Tonight on the bus my daughter unzipped my fleece, glanced over at the old lady sitting next to us, and then very suggestively licked my chest. Needless to say I cracked up but our bus companion did not.

shroomie said...

Totally made me laugh. Out loud. Remembering my days of tandem feeding and how there is nothing, I mean nothing, graceful or discrete about it. Really. I'd like to see a hooter hider for twins - oh wait, it's called a table cloth. :)

Congrats to you for sticking with it. Really, it is something you should be proud of!

K J and the kids said...

I'm sorry....I wish you had better news. Like, this won't ever happen again...all you have to do is this (dot dot dot)

I felt the same way about my hoochie macoochie while pregnant. Everyone and their dogs had seen my business. Funny that I'm still very shy about anyone seeing it now :)

Strawberry said...

Well, we'll just have to use our imaginations :)

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I love how comfortable you are with your body!

I'm so very private....

And the image of the baby goats made me laugh too - sweet babies :)

Next in Line said...

I wasn't sure what kind of breast feeding mama I would be...a use a cover type or just do it. It turns out I am a just do it. I have nursed her on the busiest skytrain platform in the city, in the frozen food section of the superstore and while the plumbers where fixing the sink. Everyone has seen me feed this baby!

Crazy Lesbian Mom said...
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Crazy Lesbian Mom said...

Thank you for the much needed laugh! Best of luck to you going forward.