Monday, January 18, 2010

House of Sick N' Sleep

This has not been the week we'd hoped for 3-4 weeks before birth. Chicken came down with a 'cold' exactly one week ago and that exploded into full-on sick, more than likely the flu. She has been sleeping in the living room and me in the bedroom, but of course I am around her germs because we are still sharing living quarters.
She has left the house twice in the past week--once to go to the doctor's and get antibiotics and once to go to the drugstore for more cough meds.
I have left the house twice in the past week--once to go to the doctor's and once to go to a friend's anniversary brunch on Saturday (wore me out, but so nice to feel like a real person again! totally worth the pain).

All we do is sleep, order food deliveries, sleep, read, sleep and watch D.exter (just discovered it on Ne.tflix instant play and we are totally addicted).
Chicken is sleeping more than I am. Yesterday she slept 18 out of 24 hours. This is after being sick for 6 days!!

Our house is a complete wreck. I'm sure it has that 'smell of the sick'. Our food supplies are dwindling. I have no idea what we would do without delivery. We make sure to open windows and get fresh air circulating, take out the trash daily, wipe everything down with antibac wipes and santize, but there's still only so much you can do.
I feel so bad for the Sherpa because she feels like shit and I'm trying to take up some of the slack in the Sherpa duties so that together we get it all done.
I can't imagine bringing home two babies to this house right now. We need to clean and do laundry and go grocery shopping and there's the nagging 'to do' list.

Everyday I think I'm going to get more done on this list and everyday I tell myself "Maybe I'll do that tomorrow when I have more energy". This is proving to be a really bad strategy because I am losing energy, not gaining it!

However, I've not gotten sick myself. Somewhere, the gods of immunity are looking down and smiling on me. I think if I were going to get sick, I would have by now.

I realized my worst fear last night was if I went into labor, it would be quite doubtful they would let Chicken be there for the births because she is so sick. That really scares me.
Thankfully, I am not having any contractions or showing signs of pre-term labor. Fire.crotch? Yes, but that's about it.

On to the to-do's all stuff that can be done sitting down, so I'm going to get cracking.
35 weeks and 2 days today...everyday feels like a milestone at this point.


anofferingoflove said...

Ugh, I'm sorry to hear Chicken is sick. Hope she feels better soon.

I totally understand the frustration in wanting to get through your to-do list before delivery and get your nest ready. Do take it easy though, growing two full term babies is quite enough work!! :-)

anofferingoflove said...

PS. My new mantra is "Who cares?" As in: "There are fur balls behind the couch and cobwebs in the corners. Who cares." "The laundry hasn't been done and I'm covered in spit-up. Who cares." Feel free to borrow and start practicing now...once you can get behind the expression whole-heartedly, life with a babe (or two, I'd imagine) becomes much easier. ;~)

mamaandmummy said...

Blegh, sorry to hear about the sickness and dirtiness and whatnot. I hope she's getting better and not worse, poor thing. You must have an immune system of steel--good for you!

Don't sweat the messes, just ignore it and don't have people over. :)

luckylittle13 said...

I am so so so jealous of your delivery options. Not so jealous of sick Chicken and a looming to-do list, though. Wish her well for me and take care of yourself. Rest is probably the best way to keep labor at bay. xo said...

Oh yuck. Poor Chicken. Hope the nastiness is over soon and hope that you stay healthy in the mean time.

Can you hire someone in for a day to take care of dishes and laundry, cleaning the bathroom, etc? It might be really worth it. Otherwise, I say go with S's recommendation and F it.

Next in Line said...

omg I have so been there and it sucks. Get as much help as you can. We hired someone to come and clean it helped me to feel more ready and at peace. Another friend took me shopping so that the house was full of food. It is so important to feel like things are in order and under control at this point in the pregnancy. We also got some friends to be back up in case the baby came early. I really feel for you two.

Next in Line said...

ps I also did some online shopping. It was good therapy :)

Ruby at Breathedragon said...

I like Poppy's idea - getting someone in there to clean might refresh your spirits and make it feel like a more welcoming twins-nest. I hope Chicken is feeling better soon, being sick sucks!

Clark said...

35 weeks and counting! You are incredible and an inspiration.
I'm so sorry that Chicken is sick and it all seems too much right now.. I suggest you ask for help. If I wasn't on the other side of the world, I would be over there in a flash but as I am (and don't really know you anyway so that would be weird), are there friends around who wouldn't mind cleaning for you and doing shopping and whatever else needs to be done to allow you and Chicken to concentrate on growing babies and getting as healthy as can be, and as relaxed as possible? Phew that was a horribly long sentence but it's very early and I've been awake too long already not that sleep was happening last night.. ok I'm stopping the ramble now.
Thinking of you guys.

Anonymous said...

Oh, man. I feel raelly sorry for the chicken. Hope she gets better soo. But In think she is on the way to recovery because she sleeps this much. And for the household...the germs are dead with your wiping method. And for the SIL and so much friends who already have kids say that a clean house is the first thing you say goodbye to once the baby(s) is/are there. As a good friend puts it into words "I`d rather chase my toddlers around in the park than chasing the dust bunnies in the house" ;-)
love and sun and some vitamins from Berlin, Monika

Sunny said...

You guys are doing all the right things -- rest up! Can you get some garlic soup for Chicken? My hubby makes my grandpa's recipe when I am sick, and it does wonders.

Schroedinger said...

Ugh, I am sorry. I hope things are starting to get a little better in Pufferhouse. Healing thoughts your way.

insertmetaphor said...

Ick, I hope Chicken gets better really soon! I was also going to suggest hiring someone to clean. I know it's hard when you need the surfaces for sleeping most of the day, but maybe in a couple days when Chicken is feeling better. I hate that feeling of being sick and having the house feel sick too. And I imagine it's a worse feeling when the babes could be there soon.

I'm glad your immune system is holding up! That is something to celebrate!