Sunday, January 31, 2010

How's It Going with the Twins?

Sebastian aka Chicklet aka Whoop Whoop and Maximo aka Shadow Boxer aka Grunter

We have been home almost one week and I think we're getting into a rhythm. Thank GOD!
It takes a little while and it's all consuming, but we're getting there.
Thanks for all of your suggestions and comments regarding the poopy post.
I'm pleased to say that everything kept and today I had THREE, yes, count with me now, THREE poops! And all have been unassisted with anything but a great diet and a bit of prune juice.
I took two stool softeners on Thursday and drank the Smooth Move tea once and that's IT!
Looks like my body is getting back to normal. Whew.
I'm keeping a food journal to make sure I'm eating properly and every 3-4 hours. That has helped tremendously.

Oh and thanks Jen, for reminding me about the post partum night sweats. I had no idea what was going on until you commented about that. Oh man, do these ever SUCK. I am sleeping with a towel under me now, but I still wake up drenched and freezing.

I think as far as the C-Section itself, I've been SUPER lucky. From the first day home I've been able to reach down and pick up the babies, get them in and out of the crib, swaddle them up, change the diaper, bend over to do things (not things on the ground). My 'wound' has never really hurt other than the first days in the hospital and I still think that was mostly gas pain.
I tore all of the tape off today and feel like it's healing nicely. I remember (in my drug induced haze) in the hospital every time a nurse or Dr. would come in to look at it, they would comment "Oh that's a nice one". Bullet dodged. What do they say to the ones who got the crappy looking ones??

Tomorrow, my goal is to get these little baby animals into their double stroller and out for a walk. The weather isn't supposed to be too cold and we haven't been out of the house since Thursday (Chicken has, but not the twins and I). I'm feeling ready to move!
Also, I've already lost 25 pounds. What the hell? In eleven days?? There was that much baby, placenta and fluid in me?!? Only 15 more to go and I'll be super happy and almost back to my pre-pregnancy weight.

Next up: I talked to the world's best Lactation Consultant over the weekend and am on a new plan of action.
Short story: I doubted with all my gut what the pediatrician was telling us, felt there had to be a better way, have tried out the plan from the the world's best LC and the babies haven't had ANY formula in over 30 hours. Turns out my tits DO have milk in them!
More on this for the next post, but guess who is probably changing pediatricians tomorrow...?

I love this community of bloggers, thank you all for giving me so much support and advice!


Next in Line said...

I am so happy that you found the worlds best lactation consultant. Breast feeding was so much work and pain in the beginning, but now it feels like the lazy way to feed a baby. Just lift up my shirt and go. Now bottles, no mixing, no measuring.

kat said...

so glad your surgery area is feeling good. be careful going for a walk so soon though. i thought i was well enough to go for a walk at a week and a half. i went slowly but i had to go up and down our hill. i had increased bleeding the next day and large clots. gross i know :) turns out that after birth your uterus is totally unsupported and moves easily- thus more blood and clots come out with movement like stairs/hills/hurried walking. it scared me to see all the blood. midwife explained it to me when i called her crying :) just wanted to forewarn you.

Anonymous said...

YAY! I am happy to hear that you -ahem get things moving in the poop area :-).
I am even more happy to hear that you are able to breastfeed the twins full. What a triumph!
Another one- where did you get the things from maximo and sebastian are lying on and how are they called? I need to have them ....just in case :-)
love from b.,


Lizzie said...

Sounds like everything (and I do mean everything) is movin' right along. So glad to hear about your healing, the breast feeding, and even the popping. Yay family!

Bella said...

Woohoo for regular poops! I'm really impressed to hear that you are settling into a routine of sorts after only a week! I so hope to be able to do the same! You rock!

Melissa said...

I could seriously sit and stare at their pictures for hours. they are beyond cute!!

Andrew and Brooks said...

LC are the best people in the world! I wouldn't have survived without mine and she helped me for over 6weeks, even though my milk came in fine. Didn't realize there was so much to nursing.

If you don't already have it, I HIGHLY recommended getting the Itzbeen Baby timer. It is God's gift to new, tired mommies, especially with multiples! I would get one for each baby! I couldn't live without it for the first 6months!

Gayby Rabies said...

I'm so happy to hear that a pattern seems to be falling into place, and that you're feeling better too. Good luck with the new pediatrician, those boys are absolutely beautiful!

Sunny said...

Getting caught up! Whew! I'm sure you are absolutely exhausted, but it sounds like you are doing an amazing job, mama. The boys are gorgeous.

I struggled with BFing my son at first. Fortunately I had an awesome LC to get me back on track. It wasn't until three months or so that I really felt comfortable with it.

And remember about pediatricians -- they don't get training in BFing! A doctor and twin mama on a twin forum I visit was just talking about this. She said she got NO training on it in med school, other than education on the benefits. Once she nursed twins herself, she learned so much and feels guilty for all the bad advice she gave. So look to your trusted LC for info, and let the pedi handle medical issues. :)

baby gifts said...

They look so cute. What a wonderful gift from God. You are very lucky having those two angels. Bless you and your family.

Yvonne, Rebecca, Benicio and Adela said...

I just checked in on you and sounds like the four of you are doing splendidly for the most part. Great job! Go with your gut, you know your babies and your body. Our twins just turned six years old last month and I can still remember the sleep deprived haze of when they just arrived:). Keep up the amazing work!