Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I'm at the Genius Bar where I've declared myself an idiot and begged for help. She brightened when I said I can see my photos in Finder but darkened when I said I was getting a message that my start up disk was full. Got a 'good girl' when I told her I last did a back up on Oct. 17.
Let's hope they can help me.

In other news, all of our preparing the babies for Daylight Savings Time was...WORTHLESS!
They laughed in the face of our plans and went to bed earlier than ever on Saturday night.
Sunday morning was a 4:22am kind of day and this morning was 5am, with their morning nap at 7:40am. Oh Dear GOD.
Chicken had to go to the office today, so I've been up since then surviving on a double espresso latte.
I would love to start going to bed earlier, but I'm so scared clogged milk ducts again. What to do what to do....

In a very bad mothering moment, Whoop Whoop woke up from his nap with a poopy diaper and I waited 15 minutes until HN came to work so she'd have to change it.
In another bad mothering moment, Chicken forgot to put up the baby gate yesterday and I came out to find Grunter covered in cat food AND a mango yogurt smoothie that she'd left on the ottoman. Hee. At least the cat food is organic and holistic (and the smoothie). If he eats it, well....it won't be the first time a baby has eaten cat food.

OK, wish me luck! I'm very anxious for the Apple Doctors to fix me. Please, please, please.


Schroedinger said...

You have a lot going on!

Good luck at the Genius bar!!

I am a computer moron, and do not trust myself to properly save/download anything. So I had a guy come over who installed Snow Leopard AND Time Machine (which requires an external hard drive)-- therefore, if I haphazardly trash anything I want to get back, I can just "go back in time" and retrieve it. Brilliant. I haven't had to use it yet, but it does give me tremendous peace of mind...

Anyway, let us know how it turns out. Seems like many people have been having similar issues with the time change. Apparently, babies need to learn to read CLOCKS! 4:22 is INDECENT!

wishinghopingpraying said...

I hope they can help you! No, it won't be the first cat food eating baby. PBS wiggled under a babygate once and helped herself, LOL! I hope you can get some rest tonight.

K J and the kids said...

4:22 am is not ok.

Here's to hoping both of our computers come out of this ok.
Mine too is in the shop today. It was giving me a full c drive error. What's that about any ways ?

cindyhoo2 said...

Oh how I wish there were a photo of your cat food and smoothie-covered boy! Perfect. And as a country gal, I assure you that babies have eaten worse and lived to tell the tale. ;)