Thursday, November 4, 2010

I Doubt He'll Be a Vegetarian

Grunter must have an alarm clock stashed somewhere in his crib that's set at 4:30am. I must find and destroy it. Mommy needs more sleep, baby.

Today was a wet, cold day in NYC and I have been dreading this day for a very long time. Forecasters predicted the rain would last all day long. That's my fear for this fall/winter. The cold, wet, never-ending cycle of rain.
However, it was good soup-making weather and during naptimeI did manage to make a nice split pea soup with added bok choy and kale. I'm excited about giving some to the babies and see how they like it as well.

We have a pretty good schedule for the twins and it involves taking them outside twice a day--after their morning nap until @ lunchtime and after their afternoon nap until @ dinnertime.
Yes, we have playtime inside and we have M/T/W classes in the afternoon, but they are so happy outside even if we are just strolling around. Knowing that the bad weather was just around the corner, I've tried to get them out as much as possible.
Staying inside all day made for a very long day. It's much harder to entertain them and keep them out of trouble when there's no 'break' and on Thursdays and Fridays, we don't have a class in the afternoon to break up the day.

Fortunately, the rain lifted just enough around 4pm to pop them in the stroller, put on the rain cover and take a nice walk. There was still rain, but just a London rain and I can deal with that.
Whoop Whoop was quite fussy in the stroller which was odd for him, but I just chalked it up to being cooped up.
However, after giving him his water sippy cup, I heard choking/coughing/gagging and dashed in front of the stroller to find him projectile vomiting. My poor, sweet baby!
We raced home, Chicken met me at the door and we got them both out and cleaned up W2.
Neither baby has ever been sick, but they did both throw up one afternoon a few months ago after they had some soy formula--with W2 throwing up the most while Grunter had only a mild reaction.

Thinking back....we gave them veggie burgers for lunch today and they had soy in them. It is exactly what he threw up. They had veggie burgers last week, BUT those didn't have soy. I highly suspect he's allergic to soy as the cycle and duration was so similar.
Poor guy just laid on my chest for 2 hours vomiting intermittently while Chicken fed Grunter his dinner and got him off to bed. I am so lucky she works from home and can help out like this.

After awhile, he was ready to breastfeed and I held him for a long time afterwards to make sure he could keep it down.
My poor, sweet baby. I do love it when he's such a snuggle doll and just wants to be held, but not at the expense of being sick.
I'm hoping by morning he'll be back to his bouncy self, the rain will have stopped and we can all go out to play again.


A+K said...

Poor Whoop!! HOpe he's feeling back to himself soon!!! :)

Melissa said...

Oh no! I hope he feels better tomorrow. Poor guy :(

Anonymous said...

Poor little man! I hope he feels better soon and you get to sleep in.

Anonymous said...

Poor little guy! I hope he's back to his cheerful self soon.

Anonymous said...

Poor boy! Soy is a tough one because, as I'm sure you've found, like wheat, it creeps into so many things. Our boy still has sensitivities to dairy proteins and gluten, but they do typically outgrow these, and the same is true with soy. It's the protein that their systems have difficulty with as their digestive systems are maturing. That doesn't help now, though. I hope he feels better soon!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

okay, two things:

you are so quick at connecting the dots :) hope he's better soon.

And 2) how on earth does Chicken work from home? She must have super powers of concentration. I get nothing done unless the babies are both sleeping

Anonymous said...

Poor W2.I'm glad he feels better today. We figured out Button is allergic to the formula we were supplementing her with in the begining too. I thought she just had baby acne but realized it was more like a bad rash and was only in the places that the formula dribbled - cheeks, chin, neck, chest. We stopped giving her formula and her skin has been lovely ever since.

Taking my two out once a day to do ANYTHING, even if its just a car ride, is the only way to keep things sane around here. They sleep better and are less crabby and mommy is less crabby too.