Monday, November 22, 2010

No More TV for You!

Yesterday, we were dealing with a pretty miserable kid. But, he still managed to ham it up for the camera. He IS a super flirt!

Today, it looks like W2's cold was a 48 hour one, just like Grunter's. Much worse, but short-lived.
He woke up off and on through the night, but would fuss himself back to sleep. But his crying early this morning, 3:55 am to be exact, was a different cry, so I brought him to bed with me and nursed him.

I don't know how you co-sleepers do it, I really don't. I get NO sleep when the baby is in bed with me and never have. My back and arms and neck are all askew and I'm pretty much twisted up in pain the entire time. I LOVE it, but can't ever get comfortable all at the same time.

Anyway, he fell asleep in bed with me and I was able to put him back in his crib asleep. He slept until almost 7am when I had to wake him up because his brother had been awake since 5:30am!
Oh Grunter, you are killing me with your early morning wake ups!
I had nursed him at 6am and tried to put him back to bed as well, but that didn't go so well.
And we're up!

Good news is that Grunter seems to be A-OK so far and W2 woke up smiling and looking a lot more like his normal self.
Bad news is that he STILL hasn't figured out how to sit/lay down in his crib and all he wants to do is stand up. Oh, the partying that goes on at nap time with the two of them. I'm sure the novelty will wear off after a little while but right now, it's like Spring Break in there.
Did Whoop Whoop take a morning nap? Why no, he did not.
How about an afternoon nap. Negative.

I don't know how the kid is doing it and he wasn't even very fussy today. Thank GOD.

He fell asleep on me nursing at 5pm and I thought I'd skip dinner and bath and just put him straight to bed. But, while I was changing his diaper, his eyes popped open and he started laughing so.....we ate dinner, took a bath and went to bed as usual.
He doesn't try so hard to get up in his crib at night. I think he's so exhausted at that point he just lets me rub his back and stays down.

Eventually, he's going to get it, right?? We keep practicing....It's been 8 days now! Baby, lay down!


Jen said...

I don't know how co-sleepers do it either and I never have. Not the method for us! Glad your boys are on the mend... Can they send some healthy vibes to their blog friend chunk?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad everyone is feeling better. Sorry about spring break though, no fun at all. I don't have any advice about the sitting down, PBS would just sort of plop herself down. It will pass but I'm sure it will feel like an eternity before it does.

Melissa said...

I can't co-sleep either. The nights we do bring him into bed I wake up feeling horrible. My muscles are all messed up because of the pretzel shape I had to sleep in. Gotta love the no nap days, ARG!

Anonymous said...

Those boys are adorable. Love the videos.

You know, I do cosleep, and I still don't know how I do it. Some days it's worth it, and other days I'm a zombie from his constant wiggling. Had I to do it again, cosleeping would be the exception, not the rule--but it certainly is great for them when they're sick.

No nap days are the pits for everyone. Hope they both nap well for you today.