Monday, November 8, 2010

Fun Firsts

This past weekend, Chicken's gaybro was in town from Paris and he got to spend some quality time with his nephews. It was really nice. He took some photos and since I'm on Chicken's PC, I can share them with you.

Whoop Whoop ready to eat!

Grunter is making some funny faces these days!

Playing with their new Zany Zoo toy. We've tried to have as much wood and cloth toys as possible, but we have broken down and bought some plastic and electronic as well. I never though I would but they love them.

W2 playing with the new wooden ABC blocks--a big hit!

Laughing Grunter

The boys are highly mobile these days and they are so much fun!

Grunter started doing the army crawl at 7 months but W2 was at least a month behind. Finally Grunter did a full on belly off the floor crawl at 8 months, but Whoop Whoop was just starting the army crawl.
Now, just past the 9 month mark, they are both crawling (and creating chaos!). However, oddly enough W2 starting crawling before he could get himself into a sitting position. Much squawking ensued as he was frequently stuck on his back or belly.
Finally, on October 26th, we watched him carefully and slowly get himself from being on his belly to getting himself seated. He didn't do it again for a few days, but has spend the last week perfecting it, the crawl AND pulling himself up on things! All at once it seems, he just "got it".

It's so nice now that they are both mobile. I know some people say it's more work, but I personally think this is easier and WAY more fun!

Last week I bought them some balls to encourage W2 to crawl and it totally worked. So cute! I'd post a video, but I can't post anything from my phone right now...and well, I'm petrified of touching my Mac until I get in the Genius bar tomorrow.

We have moved on to a lot of finger-type food and more chunks. I still have a freezer full of homemade purees, but we are mixing it up now. It's so much easier! I can't wait til they can eat everything we do. We've made them split pea soup, califlower with cheese sauce, pasta, string cheese, squash, veggie burger, salmon and puffs.

Saturday, we tossed the baby tub as bathtime on the kitchen counter was getting a little out of control. We put them both in the big bathtub together and it went....pretty well. Chicken had to strip down and get in with them at the last minute as Grunter was a little scared while W2 was almost immediately smiling and splashing about. The next night he was perfectly OK and we were able to stay outside the tub! It's a little tricky and a little slippery, but I can't think of another way to do it (we have a skid mat). Although I must say, I couldn't do this alone and I'm glad Chicken is here for bathtime.

It's becoming more and more apparent that Grunter is more cautious than W2. This could change, of course, but it's interesting to watch for now.
Overall, the days are busy, busy, busy. I've never been this tired or busy in my entire life. But, I've also never been more in love or fulfilled as I am right this moment.
Everyday these boys bring a smile to my face and we are just having so much fun!


Heather said...

Oh I remember the transition from baby tub to big bathtub! The baby was so slippy-slidey all over the tub--even with the gripper mat in there. I ended up getting in the tub with her for probably the first two weeks, and then she was fine on her own after that. Fun!

H2 said...

Have you looked for a mini tub to put in the big tub? We had one that was sectioned off. Part laid back and the other part had a bar of sorts with a leg in the middle to help them stay sitting. It was really helpful for me trying to bathe two that sat up.

SupersammyG said...

We ended up using a blow up tub for a good long while and it really helped contain E. We have one like this.

It has a suction cup so we were able to suction it to the tile in the bathroom out of the way. Since we live in a small apartment too I understand you don't need any more baby stuff to take up more room than it should.

Ruby at Breathedragon said...

They are so smiley and grown up!!

Next in Line said...

Puff I can't for those boys to eat all finger food. It is much less work.

Jen said...

Love the pics! Yes, finger food is so much easier and enjoyable! I remember our first night in the big bath and although chunk loved it, we were scared to death. ;)

K J and the kids said...

I love the milestones. You can't WAIT for them to happen....and then they do and you think...WTH....and then you can't WAIT for the next one to happen.
I imagine it's like this until they move out and go to college :)

wishinghopingpraying said...

They are getting so big! I love when they start moving around, they are much happier when they can explore freely. Enjoy your big boys :-)

Marcia (123 blog) said...

My Connor is way too wild to have them both in the tub together. We tried but it's better when we do them one by one. Probably amounts to the same time.

I also love the mobile stage more (my one friend also with bg twins said the other day "i miss the baby stage" - I told her she's crazy)

Your two are cute cute cute! Love the blocks!

AdventuresInBabyMaking said...

Omg, they are getting so big! I love the faces they're making!

I'm behind on blogs but trying to catch up. I'm freaking out about your iphone... I hope the Geniuses can fix it!

anofferingoflove said...

oh man, their little baby teeth are too cute!!!

we planned to do only cloth/wooden toys too. but oh...when she dances to the songs that come out of the plastic ones, you cant help but smile! ;)