Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sicky Poofs

Poor Whoop Whoop has really caught a bad cold. About a week and 1/2 ago, Grunter had a little cough/sneeze thing going, but it was in and out within 48 hours and he never really acted that much different.
But W2, oh the poor baby. He wakes himself (and me) up all night long with the coughing and sneezing. He has a low fever (100.4-7). We've dosed him up with tylenol and tried to keep him entertained.

Mostly we have divided and conquered with Chicken taking Grunter out and about to play outside and do what they normally do, while W2, who does not feel like going out and about, stays inside with me.
Today, I did what I swore I'd never do before the age of 2: We sat in the recliner and we watched TV. Yes, I'm admitting it. We watched some cartoon movie and some Spong.ebob for an hour. Then, in the afternoon we watched some movie about a kid and his dog. He laid back against me watching the TV, very snuggly and quiet. From time to time he turned into me and nursed. Once, he almost fell asleep. It was all very sweet and I admit I enjoyed it alot.
It was so much easier than trying to engage him when he just wanted to lay there but laying there was too boring for him to enjoy. I understand why people do this.
If he feels this bad tomorrow, we will hunker down for a little TV watching again, I'm sure.
Grunter thinks he's died and gone to heaven. Man, that screen is addictive.

There has been a few episodes of vomiting as well. And we haven't had time to do laundry. I knew how bad it had gotten when I realized I didn't have any pj bottoms and found myself pulling things out of the basket saying, "Does this have vomit on it?" I decided that it was truly dirty if it had been vomited on. If not, back on they went.

Whew, sick kids are hard ya'll. This parenting thing is no joke. But this weekend, while hard, was actually good. I really enjoyed spending 100% one-on-one time with Whoop Whoop, even if he was vomiting on me. And to see the look on Grunter's face when he walked in the door and saw me was awesome. They are the best. Hard, but the best.

Happy 10 Month Old Birthday, Boys! Get Well Soon.


Anonymous said...

I refuse to believe these boys are ten months old. It's not possible!

Sick babies are the worst. There is nothing more heartbreaking. Ours is sick again too, and like you, I sat in front of the TV with him today, even though a vowed not to until he was at least two. I just had to do something to keep him still, to keep him from wearing himself out. So yep--we do the things we said we wouldn't because in the end we just want them to feel better. I hope W2's recovery is quick!

Anonymous said...

It's no fun when they get sick. TV does help pass the time and keep them calm, don't feel too bad about it. I hope everyone is well soon and you are feeling better. Thinking of you.

Next in Line said...

Watching tv sounds very soothing for both of you. Smart thinking mama! All those rules are meant to be broken. I let Bee watch tv while I cut her hair and nails. It's better than chopping off something.

Strawberry said...

No rest for the weary unfortunately. Sorry to hear about sick Whoop Whoop, and I think snuggling together and watching tv is a great remedy. I hope easier and healthier times find all of you very soon.

tbean said...

Isn't tv like...invented for sick days? Don't worry about it, sounds like you two had a healing and therapeutic snuggle on the couch together.