Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cat with Limited Life

I'm not sure our cat is going to have nine lives. I might kill him first.
The babies have had the WORST time going down for an afternoon nap today. I have been expecting some tears and fears from Whoop Whoop as he wants to stand up in his crib and can't quite get down yet.
So, every night and for every nap, I have to go in to 'rescue' him. Grunter is usually already asleep and shortly thereafter, W2 falls asleep. Not so bad.

Today, they are both crying and crying. I go in, put them both down but to no avail.
The crying stops and starts. I go in again, but it doesn't help.
Finally, I hear the fucking cat meowing to get out of the bedroom.
This is the SECOND time today the cat has disrupted their nap. He jumps on the bed while they are still awake, walks in front of their cribs, etc.
It drives the babies crazy with excitement and frustration and they never fall asleep.

So here it is, almost an HOUR since they went to their crib. The cat is out, Grunter has stopped crying and so has.....nope. No, he hasn't. W2 is now wailing.

Cat, you'd better hide. There's no love from me right now.

Going to see if I need to rescue W2 again. Poor baby.


K J and the kids said...

aaah, the joys of milestones. Soon they will learn how to get down and then it seems shortly after that...they learn to get out :)
Be happy it's just the down part right now ! ha ha
Good luck.

Gayby Rabies said...

I feel your pain! My happy idiot dog walks back and forth by the crib and wacks it with her tail, which always startles the babies awake.

Anonymous said...

We have this problem x3 (yep, 2 friggin' cats). They drive us nuts with scratching on the door and loud meowing when baby is asleep. Argh!

Anonymous said...

There is nothing quite so maddening as a cat who wakes babies. We have one who goes out of her way to do this, which makes me see various shades of red. Grrrr. I hope yours stays out of the way.

Next in Line said...

I have lost love for pets due to baby waking many times. The love comes back until the next time they wake that baby and then it flys out the window all over again. They are just lucky that they are not flying out the window.

Anonymous said...

Since having my girls, both our dogs have been given new homes and our cat is on her was as well. I do feel bad about it because once upon a time these were our babies, but things certainly change. I think the cat hair is another factor...She has more fur than any cat I've ever seen and it seems to be on everything of theirs around the house and that drives me crazy lol. As far as the cat in the girl's room, we attempted to train them into got going in there. I think it worked because I have never seen her go in there

Anonymous said...

Btw, sorry for the anon, I need to set one up still