Friday, October 10, 2008

The Break Up

Dear Anonymous Sperm Donor,

We’re over. I’ve had enough. I stayed with you for the money—all those services paid in advance. But now all bets are off.
There’s too much riding on this decision and I’ve decided I need a new boyfriend.

It’s true, I thought you and I might work this out. But then I found out about that other girl—you know, the one you knocked up last May? Yeah, her outcome ended up the same as mine. And now neither of us are pregnant. And well…I’m thinking it might be you.
So this is it. I’m taking your empty vials out of my spirit house.

PS - I never really loved you. Did you know that?


Heidi said...

he he he, I did that in May!!!

It's quite refreshing isn't it?

Les Make Babies said...

He was never good enough for you.

What a douche.

Anonymous said...

wow that sucks but sounds like a good move! Have you got another one lined up?
Hope this month works out for you -whether its ivf or iui.

Anonymous said...

Right on! You can do so much better.

giggleblue said...

yeah, i'm thinking it's him too! on to the next!