Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Fortune Teller Told Me (This is long, she told me a lot)

A few weeks ago Queerstork was in NYC and went to a physic who sounded...legit. I was so intrigued I got the information from her and went to see her myself.
Let me say this:  She's good.

I walked up a dingy staircase in Brooklyn, was greeted by a 7 year old and the smell of stale smoke.  "Susan" , the mother, introduced herself, brought me into her reading room, a beautiful cat jumped up on my lap and I forgot about the Marlboro Red's.
I did a 1/2 deck of tarot cards, cut the deck myself.  She asked my name, nothing else, and asked how long it had been since I'd had a reading.  I told her a very long time (15 years, but didn't say this).

She nailed just about everything (I took notes):

  • I'll live to 85-86 years (We have good long-life genes on my dad's side and I am super healthy, so I think this is plausible.  Need to save more money for retirement)
  • I've never had any sickness or health issues (very true)
  • I currently have pain in my back and stomach--probably from stress (true-I've had so much lower back pain lately, I often lie in bed with a heating pad at night before falling asleep.  My stomach has been experiencing some weird cramps that I am hoping are due to Blast)
  • The past 3 months have been really hard for me (do ya think?  Miscarriage, IVF cycle cancelled...yeah.  On the other hand, I got married again and had an amazing vacation...)
  • August in particular was a very bad month for you (I think I started to sweat when she said this)
  • No one has been there for you and you've learned this the hard way (My entire life, yes.  In fact my therapist was just discussing this last night)
  • August you were depressed (no, then yes, then no, then yes again)
  • You have a strong personality (reallllly???) strong opinions (mmm hmmm) 
  • Lawyer--why am I not a lawyer? (so many ppl have told me I would've been a great lawyer)
  • You have a strong tongue.  When people ask you for advice they really mean it because they know you will tell them (For better or worse.  Don't ask me if your ass looks fat in those jeans if you really don't want to know.  My friends always say they come to me when they really want to know the truth)
  • I've been worried about money, but I need to give myself a break because I am financially OK (yes, well, except the possibility of multiple IVF's or that we just nationalized our banks and could be facing a depression, I don't think I've been that worried--but she's right, we are totally OK)
  • In about 3 weeks I should have some relief about thinking about money (right about the time our bonus checks are supposed to be handed out...)
  • I am not a miserable person nor a bitter person (yeehaw!)
  • There is travel in my future (isn't there always?), but she sees it in late December (well, I hardly call going to the Catskills for Xmas 'travel', but I think this one is easy to 'predict' as a lot of people do travel at this time.  K--do you have a surprise vacation planned for me?  Somewhere WARM maybe?  I hate winter.)
  • I have a lot of good opportunities coming up work-wise in the next 4 months.  Lots of responsibilities and challenges (OK, cuz right now my work is just fine, but it's a stretch to call it good or challenging.  On the other hard, I was just looking at job listings yesterday...for the first time in a year)
  • I've haven't been getting enough sleep and am feeling tired (true)
  • Even on the nights that I get 8 hours I am feeling exhausted (true)
  • When my body sleeps, my mind wanders excessively and keeps me distracted (um, yeah, have you read about some of my crazy dreams?)
  • I need to take warm baths and relax, try not to let the stress get to me (I love baths!)
  • Usually I am a very social person, but lately I've found myself alone alot and I don't like it (true.  K, please come home soon.)
  • Someone named Debbie is very close to me, hovering around me all the time, her energy in the room now (my cousin Debra died of breast cancer at 34 and I had a breast exam 2 weeks ago.  She has been on my mind on and off, but I don't think about her that much.  Very weird.  I don't know any other Debbie's....)
  • My mother's health is fine (true)
  • I'm a hardworking girl but I need to take it easier on myself (I have crazy high expectations, true)
  • She came back to finances again saying they looked very good for the future, I would always be taken care of (wow, that's quite a change from my past--good to know)
  • I would be moving in 3 years and would be buying a place  (quite possible)
  • November my energy wheel is turning in a great direction (why not?)
  • Tuesdays are the best days for me to make decisions (I do go to therapy on Tuesdays....)
  • 996 is my lucky number 
  • There's a court date in my future but everything will turn out just fine (adoption???)
  • There was a man in my life long ago.  I was in love with him and there was a lot of drama regarding this relationship (yes, yes and yes.  I broke up our engagement b/c I was in love with a woman)
  • She 'sees' 2 kids in my future--2 boys.  No girls.  (Note:  she did not say I would be pregnant, she said she saw children in my future)
  • My appetite has not been as usual and I need to make sure I am eating more (all true)
  • I have very high intuition and some psychic abilities (agreed)

Here's where she missed the mark:

  • I was supposed to get pregnant at age 23.  Is it possible I could've had a miscarriage? (I don't think I had sex with men that no)
  • I was supposed to meet a man this year...dark hair, light eyes, works in real estate (I don't think so...)

She never picked up on the lesbian thing (granted my lesbian 'thing' registers a zero to just about everyone, including lesbians) nor the fact that there was a strong possibility I was already married as I was wearing a wedding ring.

She asked how long ago I had broken off the relationship with the man and I told her almost 20 years ago to which she said "Oh my, I thought you were about 25! Wow!  Whatever you are doing, keep it up."  So, of course, I love her--cigarettes and all.

I then told her that I was a lesbian, had a miscarriage in August and was TTC.  I asked her about getting pregnant.
She assured me she see two kids.  I said, "but maybe not mine, maybe my partners"?  She said, "I see two children, think positive.  You'll have more answers in the next 3 months."

Hmmm....for $20, it was worth it.


Anonymous said...

Cool! While I don't actually believe in someone having psychic abilities, I do think that people can be intuitive about others and psychics are fun! We went to one in P-town a few months before we started trying and she had interesting things to say. I've really been wanting to go back since then. Maybe I will...

Inlocoparentis said...

Very interesting - I love this type of stuff. Sounds like you got your money's worth!

Anonymous said...

How did you remember all of that? Damn!

I tell you, there's something about Psychic Susie. She got way more on the mark than she missed! She didn't pick up on my lesbian thing either but, like you, I can usually hide it as long as I like. People just don't guess that about me either.

Pretty awesome stuff - you're going to have boys too, hey?

Carrie said...

wow sounds like she hit the mark! i like the two kids thing....whether they are yours, your partners, or adopted - this is still good!! :)

Blue Light said...

Ok, ummm, may I please have her information? Thanks. I love in Brooklyn, and I'd go this week.

Blue Light said...

*Live* in Brooklyn I mean:-D