Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dexter Thinks I'm Pregnant and Other News

Me and Dexter, we had a lot to say.  Dexter is from Trinidad and I'm from the Midwest and we talked about politics and the election and the shitty state of the world and that turned into ways to save money in this current economic crisis and then...we were talking about alcohol.
And how expensive it is.  And how I don't drink anymore so I save a lot of money on alcohol.

"Really, you don't drink at all?  Not even wine? Why not?"
"Health reasons."
"Oh yeah, you are a super healthy kind of girl?"
"Well, yes, but...."
And then I thought, what the hell?  Maybe it was from being in the house for almost 48 hours, but I told Dexter I was trying to get pregnant.  And he said, without blinking:
"Oh yeah?  The old-fashioned way or artificial insemination?"  (We aren't rainbow flag type of girls, but I guess he saw the wedding photos....)
Me, totally Blinking, "Um, artificial insemination."
"Oh yeah, that's good!  My wife and I did that.  How's that going for you?"
"Well, not too good, I'm not pregnant yet."

This turned into a conversation where Dexter told me without hesitation how he and his wife tried to have a baby for 3 years, she had 2 miscarriages and finally they went to "that Jewish hospital by Union Square" where they took his sperm, spun it in tube, put it on his wife's eggs and then put everything back in her body.
"Your wife did IVF?"
"I don't remember what you call it, but yes, I think that's it.  And now our daughter is one month old today!  Anyway, I think you are pregnant.  I hope you are.  It's great you are doing this.  I can tell from talking to you that you are going to be a very good mother, very responsible and aware kind of mother. Good luck to you."

Wow.  You just never know where you're going to get support.  The most unlikely places seem to creep up just when you need them.

PS-I got the TV just in time to see the 30 minute Obama special.  He is so powerful.  Did anyone else bawl their heads off or was that just me?
I also cried at a commercial for a Bora Bora hotel chain.
TV is so beautiful.  I'm ready for winter now.

PSS--I finally made it out of the house to get milk.  The deli guy was having a crappy night and yelling at someone on the phone, so when he handed me my change, I said thank you in Arabic and the biggest smile broke out on his face.  Then I almost cried.


eeney meeney miney miney said...

Sister, that is a lot of crying for one night! I think you might be prego, at least I hope you are.

PS. I shed a few for Obama as well and I KNOW I'm not pregnant.

Anonymous said...

I like Dexter - that's a fabulous story. And I agree with D too - I think you're pregnant!

Anonymous said...

Yay for Dexter - that is so funny and weird - you're right, you never know where you're going to get support from!

I hope he's right..

mulberry said...

awww, yay dexter. i love those surprising conversations with strangers. and i love that you returned the favor with your thank you at the deli. i know dexter is right about the kind of mom you will be and i hope is right about the timing too! xo mulberry

Anonymous said...

Too bad Dexter is the name of a TV serial killer. It could make your short list.

I loved this post it is so New York and exactly what I love about our city: the familiarity of strangers.

Feel better, mama.

Wait. Weren't you going to test?

Heidi said...

I'm going to go with Pregnant for 1000 Alex.

Strawberry said...

Wow, that Dexter is a heck of a guy. lol. So glad he was laid back and supportive.

Waiting anxiously for you.

j.k-c. said...

What a fantastic story!

Anonymous said...

I always want to laugh when I talk to a man who is "not exactly sure" what kind of fertility treatments his wife was doing. I mean, WTF!? Seriously, this has happened more than once.