Friday, October 10, 2008

Where Have You Been All My Life?

I found him.  It took 4 hours and a few more thousand dollars but we have a new baby daddy.
And we LOVE him.  Thank god K has relaxed about ethnic requirements because let me tell you he never would've been considered last winter!
Ah....feeling so much better now (see I'm not cursing?!)...

He arrives Monday so I hope my follicles hold off until then to do whatever it is they're doing.
Tomorrow we have another blood and U/S and I think we'll have a pretty good idea which way we're going to go.
I totally have my head wrapped around an IUI and we're completely OK with that--even looking forward to it.
I got pregnant with an IUI--I can do this again!

Thanks for all of your encouraging comments.  I really needed them after a rough day like that.
My RE wasn't trying to push K's eggs on me at all.  In fact he had forgotten that was an option--I'm the one who brought it up.  He was leaning towards a different drug protocol for me for 'next time'.
The problem is that I have "X" amount left in my insurance coverage and if I want enough leftover to do the FET with K's eggs, I can't do two rounds of IVF + FET.
So...that's where we are with that.

Also someone suggested trying Gonal F.  Same drug!  Who knew? Only the name is different.  I know because a friend offered me some of her leftover Gonal F and my RE said I could use that along with the Follistim--interchangeable even in the same cycle!  I guess it's like Motrin and Advil, same same but different.

As far as a second opinion goes:  I'm at one of the top 4 Fertility Centers in the USA.  This is the clinic I have to go to for my insurance to cover it.  What I can do is talk to the RE on call tomorrow morning and ask his opinion.  That's how I ended up doing Clomid, so I will definitely be talking to someone else.  I really like my RE, but it's always great to get that second opinion.

OK, it's a beautiful night out and we're going out for a walk and look for a place to eat outdoors.
Hope everyone is having a great Friday night!


mulberry said...

glad you found a new donor you like and the dialogue continues with the some additional voices... i love that you are embracing this cycle for whatever it will be - iui or ivf. you go!

Anonymous said...

Great to hear you're happy with your new babydaddy and things a looking a bit brighter.
Enjoy your Friday night (we're up to Saturday over here already but it's a good one)