Thursday, October 9, 2008

IVF, Day 6

I made a mistake looking at my IVF calendar and I didn't have an ultrasound scheduled for yesterday, only a blood test for E2.
Today, I had both blood and U/S.

Here's where I am in Pufferfish IVF land:

Day 1- 450 mg Follistim (pm)
E2=37 no cysts found
Day 2- 225 Follistim (am), 225 Follistim (pm)
Day 3- 225 Follistim (am), 225 Follistim (pm)
Day 4- 225 Follstim (am), 225 Follistim (pm)
Day 5- 450 Follistim (pm)
E2=143 (over 100 at this point is good)
Day 6- 450 Follistim (pm)
E2= 184 (slow rise, but they don't seem concerned because it's rising...)
Lining=6 (anything 6 or above is right on target for this point)
Follicles= 2 on each side, all measuring about 8-9

That's a F*ckload of Follistim isn't it? That's what happens when you're 39! I really would've liked to have seen more follicles this morning, I admit I was a little sad only seeing 4.
But, it's still early. I've got a week left to keep up the stims and see what happens.
Next blood and ultrasound will be Saturday morning.

As far as my question per "exercise and your IVF cycle"? Well, I did some of my own research and everything says to take it easy, walking is good, etc.
I've been walking as normal--although a bit slower. The past two mornings I've decided to really take it easy by riding the bus up to the clinic.

This morning as I was walking from the clinic to my office, I noticed for the first time that I'm getting a little bloated. As in, it's not quite uncomfortable to walk, but it doesn't feel normal.
I sit here with skinny jeans unbuttoned wondering what the hell I will be wearing next week?
I'm not going to worry about it too much. In fact, if my pants don't fit for...oh, I don't know 9+ months...I'd be OK with that.
For the most part, I'm just chillin' and relaxing. I go home and cook, read, meditate, pray, snuggle with the cats and go to bed. It's not too exciting and I like it.

It's kind of hard to believe I could be doing egg retrieval in a week.


Les Make Babies said...

I know what you mean about being a little disappointed about 4 - but what really matters is that they are all growing at the same rate. That's the really good part.

That really is a ton of follistim! Damn!

N said...

I have to second the fact that they're growing at the same rate is fantastic. Hopefully four is all you'll need anyway. :D

Strawberry said...

Hey...looking good so far! Grow follies grow!

mulberry said...

yay... grow, grow, grow!

Inlocoparentis said...

I have such a good feeling about this cycle for you . . .