Monday, October 20, 2008

Tips for Thinking Positive

Because it was requested, here is a sample of what helps me:

"The only way to attract what you desire in life is to allow yourself to understand what it would feel like to have what you want. Allow yourself to believe that you will have it, that you deserve it. Remember, whatever you focus on will manifest into your conscious.

The secret of attracting abundance and prosperity in your life is simple. Do not focus on what you don't have. Focus on what you want.

Refuse all negative thoughts. When a negative thought comes into your life. Tell yourself with strength: Stop! Immediately, turn that thought into positive ones. (Goodness, beauty, love, gratitude, happiness).

Affirmations should always be said with confidence, determination and as if they have already happened. Try writing your "intentions", (i.e. affirmations) down on note cards. Place them in convenient locations where you can see them throughout the day. Saying them out loud in front of a mirror supposedly super charges the affirmation.

Affirmations can change a person's perceptions of themselves. They can, ultimately, modify the way the subconscious works. Therefore, it is imperative to be "conscious of your thoughts" at all times. Because, your thoughts will and do become your reality."

Affirmation examples:

  • There is nothing in the world that I cannot handle.
  • All things come to me for a purpose.
  • My body is a magnet.
  • Only goodness is attracted to me.
  • I am warm, soft and fertile.
  • I am loving and kind.
  • My body is in perfect balance.
  • I am in perfect health.
  • I am calm.
  • Right here, right now is exactly as it is meant to be.
  • There is nothing in the world that I cannot do.
  • I deserve everything that I need.


Heidi said...

Thank you so much :)

I am going to print this out so I can keep it handy for when negative thoughts come running in.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I'm going to keep this close at hand. You're so inspiring.

word to your mother(s) said...

Hear, hear! I'm in total agreement with everything in this post. Also, one major component of stress reduction is the simple act of breathing. I often notice with myself that when I’m stressed, I simply don’t take calm, relaxing breaths. I'm curious if you're Buddhist or just really into meditation (I hope that’s not too personal of a question).