Monday, October 13, 2008

Here We Go Again

Of course the Sunday night that I need a trigger shot would be the only Sunday EVER that K has to fly out Sunday afternoon for a 7am Monday meeting in Kansashitty.  Who has 7am meetings?

I hate having to ask my friends to stab me in the ass at 10pm on a Sunday night, but the Fabulous Ms. C graciously stepped up to the task and I went to her place last night with needle loaded.
Let me just say--she ROCKS!  That girl took one minute to look at the video, led me to the bathroom and I was in and out of her apartment in 5 minutes.  AWESOME.  C?  You can come near my ass with a needle anytime (let's keep it to once a month, shall we?).
Actually, let's never do that again because I'm getting pregnant and we won't need to.  Yeah.

The arrival of the new donor "Iron Man" was cause for a fair amount of stress as I didn't know what time he would arrive and if the lab would have ample time to prepare before my 3pm IUI.
It only got worse this morning when the lab called at 8am asking for the tracking number...and I realized I never got one!  Of course, CCB is on PST and I had to wait for 3 hours to find out what was going on, but I was so scared they forgot to ship him out.
I had the day off (thanks Columbus!) so I kept myself busy with doing laundry and making some super yummy 'fertility/pregnancy muffins'.  I was so relieved when the phone rang at 10:30am with a message that Iron Man had arrived and we were on for the IUI!  Whew!

Because this was the magic timing that worked for my BFP, I'm not changing a thing and the nurses have been great to work with me.  Iron Man's counts were a great improvement over the previous donor and I've got 16.6 million sperm just waiting for the egg drop.  I also found out that my estrogen doubled and the numbers there look much better which made me very relieved.

I've been praying more these days--to what, to whom--I don't really know?  I don't follow a religion, but I identify with spirituality and I believe that prayer can work.  At least the power of positive thinking is better for the mind.  So, from now on I am trying to only think positive thoughts--I CAN get pregnant, I am GOING to get pregnant, I WILL have a healthy baby.


Anonymous said...

You can, you are going to and you will.
Am thinking of you and sending fertile thoughts.
Go Iron Man!

mulberry said...

thank goodness for friends who will poke you in the butt when you need it ;) glad to hear your numbers are lookin' good and that iron man is ready to make his grand entrance.

nutella said...

Yes! You can do it!

Heidi said...

Your positive attitude totally inspires me :)

I can't wait for this bfp!

Anonymous said...

Go iron man! I'm loving your positivity!

Anonymous said...

we are absolute cycle twins. i did my trigger sunday night (4 am) and had my iui yesterday at 4:15.

i hope that we both have positive news to report this month.

Les Make Babies said...

YES!! This one is it - I can feel it!

giggleblue said...

here's to thinking positive! and now, now we wait!

Lizzie said...

Praying (in my way) for you, too!