Monday, November 3, 2008

67 Hours

That's how long I've been in the house. Have you ever stayed in the house that long? I can't imagine being inside for so many days even after giving birth but I suppose it just happens.
The cats on the other hand, have been super happy to have someone to lay on 24/7.

I finally went to work this morning as I had a 10am meeting with my boss and guess who is calling in to the meeting? My boss (who still hasn't called...) I could've stayed at home.
Ah well.

I feel like this is the longest "non-flu" cold that I've ever had. I don't usually get sick and this has me down. However, I feel good about my decision to take the month off TTC as my body is obviously weakened and needs a rest.

Today is much better. I started taking some sinus meds that finally relieved the massive migraine pressure that called itself my head. If you suffer from migraines, you know what I'm talking about.

K ended up not getting home yesterday until quite late as she had to stick around and help her mother with car trouble. This meant I saw K for a total of 10 hours the entire weekend (not counting sleeping) and I am sorely missing her.

Oh and I guess I'm doing NamBloPoMoHoMo or whatever it is. But I'm not signing up.


vee said...

Fair dos. Though just cos you ain't signing up, doesn't mean you can slack off - we're watching!

Anonymous said...

Oh i have stayed in the house that long - it does not feel good. I hope you feel a ton better soon.

tbean said...

I know that every month feels "crucial" (and I'm sure that only intensifies with each passing year) but I definitely think the rest you are giving your body is the right choice.

Anonymous said...

Ugghh-- I'm sorry you're sick. It's been going around here too. Get lots of rest and drink lots of fluids!!