Monday, November 24, 2008

Melty Point

Dear Mr. Deli Man:

Times are tough. You're lucky I'm still coming into your crappy deli because there's a better one 3 blocks further I prefer.
But when you give me a $7 tuna melt 'panini' and the cheap American cheese isn't even melted...that's not a panini, Mr. Deli Man--that's a half-assed job and it's not like you were even busy.

While I'm sure there are worse things than a non-melted, lukewarm panini I can't think of any right now because I'm starving and I want to eat my lunch.
But it's in the toaster oven getting hot.

That girl who probably isn't going to come back any time soon.

ETA: The other deli doesn't give me free chips with my panini so I'm taking this as a sign the universe doesn't want me to eat potato chips.

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