Monday, November 10, 2008

Once Again Christianity Has F*cked Up My Life! F*ck You Prop 8 !

This article makes me so angry.
I haven't blogged about Prop 8 as I'm still sorting out how I feel, what it means for me and my marriage and what I can personally do about it.
Either way when I told my wife that our marriage is now in legal limbo, she bent backwards and started doing the limbo.
You have nothing in this life if you lose your sense of humor--even about the truly spectacular, shitty stuff.

It figures that there are protests running amok the one weekend I will not be in NYC to attend.
I'll be in a state where at least 50% of the population clearly hates the gays. But only for 4 days. Then I'll be back in the blissful belly of NYC.

But you--yeah YOU--go march and yell and let them see that you are gay and you aren't going away.

You know what I'm most pissed about? The week before the election--Where were all of these gays who are now protesting in CA? Why weren't they out there at the rallies organizing to get the message out about Prop 8?
Too little, too late.

Either way, one more reason for me to despise the hateful Christians.
So, so ignorant.


eeney meeney miney mommy said...

You are a girl after my own heart. Organized religion + ignorant masses = the root of all evil in this world.

Carrie said...

oh hon, i am so angry, too. my state of CA has betrayed me. it's betrayed all of us. i have so many stories to tell of the pre/post 8 campaigning. ill have to post in a few weeks about it....once my temps have gone down. right now im feeling far too destructive towards Mormons and other churches. grrrrrrrrr.

Blue Light said...

This is truly a great shame. I was even looking at the Chelsea show, and I didn't realize that they are pulling the character that plays a lesbian on Gray's Anatomy. I don't know if it has anything to do with what going on, but I thought the nation was moving forward, but I guess not:-(


D.A.P. said...

I hope you dont despise me for being a Christian but not voting on the proposition at all. I have do have certain beliefs about the union of marriage. However, my judgement is worthless and we all have things we could be discriminated against...sin is sin and who am I to judge? Love your neighbors, right? There's no hate in my heart...